Make Free Calls With Google

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What is google fiber?

As a working mother with two boys under the age of four, I am always looking for new ways to make my life more efficient and cost effective. Google’s free services are my saving grace.  One of the newest ways I save money with Google is by making free phone calls directly from my Google Email account. (  This fantastic new service could not be easier to use.  I simply log into Gmail and press the “Call phone” button.  A dial pad appears, allowing me to call any cell phone or land line in the United States or Canada, completely free of charge.  With nothing more than a $12 computer headset, the kids can talk to their Grandpa in Arizona for as long as they want, as often as they wish. And unlike other similar products, Google Phone does not force me to install a program on every computer I want to use it from. The service works on any PC or Mac with an Internet connection.  I love Google!

With the addition of Google Phone to my Gmail account, I can check my email, sync my contacts to my cell phone, maintain my shopping list in Google tasks, which I can also access from my cell phone while at the market, and now make free phone calls too. What more could a mother ask for?  Well, I could ask for a calendar that syncs with my mobile, while at the same time allowing me to collaborate with my husband’s calendar. Lucky for me, Google has that covered as well.  I will have all the splendid details for you next time on Tidbits of Mommy Tech.

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