The Great Smartphone Debate; A Nerd Perspective on, wait, what?

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Old cell phone with pack

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As a bonus, here is a nice counter-argument to the whole smartphone debate:

I feel like I’m in that movie where everyone turns into zombies and I’m the last one left fighting for humanity.  Ok, maybe that’s extreme, but this smart phone craze is almost equivalent.  I see people everywhere with their faces glued to a little device that cause them to ignore anyone in their company.  I see kids at restaurants, silent and still.  I see people using them in stores, at the movies, while driving, while brushing their teeth and sometimes both at the same time.  They can’t tear themselves away.  I’m afraid, very afraid.
I’m afraid that every month I’m going to receive a bill with more numbers in front of the decimal than behind it.  I’m afraid that I won’t care and I’ll smile and continue life with my face frozen in front of the smartphone.  My kids won’t eat and my house will be messy.  My husband will talk to me through text messages and wall posts.  I’ll be part of the madness.  I’ll hunt down non-converts and tell them they can’t live without a smartphone.  It will save them time and money.  It will make “life” easier because they won’t really have to live it.  Life as I know it will end.  And that’s why I’m not getting a smartphone…..yet.

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