Apps To Unleash Fitness Beast Within

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Video Transcript

Cody: How great is technology? It’s going to get you up off the couch and we can get your work it out


Ryan: And we just talked about how Alexa is going to replace you eventually with the web news. So that’s kind of fine, right?


Cody: I think you should do like an Alexa versus goodies segment.


Ryan: The other day we yell at her, “Alexa, what’s the weather going to be?” Then she says a number, then I’ll go, “Wrong.” And then we’ll place bets to see who was right. All right. So let’s talk about working on. This was a lot of people’s new year’s resolutions and we’re going to do two fitness type segments today. The first one’s going to be apps and then later on we’re going to do a bunch of cool gadgets. All right? So, first, we’re going to start with who has time to work out. I mean seriously, I just want to just sit on my couch and watch TV. That’s it.


Cody: We’re so busy.


Ryan: I mean I got so much to do it. Have you seen my Netflix Queue? It’s ridiculous. So this is a seven-minute workout by Johnson and Johnson, and the cool part about this is you can choose kind of like how hard you want to work or how little you want to work and it’s free. If you just have seven minutes and all you want to do is just do a quick little like hit workout, boom, you’ve got it. If you want to do some strength training or you just your own bodyweight, it’s got it all for you and it’s totally free. So you have really no excuse, plus commercial breaks, I mean, in between seven minutes. You can pretty much work that out.


Cody: Pretty much it.


Ryan: All right. Sworkit. I love the name Sworkit.


Cody: It’s a great name.


Ryan: So, basically the same thing as the seven-minute workout, but this one does cost a little money. This is 80 bucks a year, but you choose your goal. You choose whether you want to be leaner, fitter, or stronger and then it kind of designs a workout plan just for you. Then you tell it how much time you have between five minutes and 60 minutes and boom, you just get started. How cool is that?


Cody: Okay. That pretty cool.


Ryan: So it’s like having a personal trainer for 80 bucks a year. That’s pretty good deal.


Cody: Pretty good deal. Yeah.


Ryan: So this one is called class pass. Let’s say you’re not really into like looking at an iPad or an iPhone and doing a bunch of stuff. You want to actually go to classes, fitness gym, sign up to this place to give you ability to drop into classes all over the city. How cool is that? So did you want to take a yoga class or a bar class or some weight training or you just want to try something out for Crossfit, boom, you sign up for this and you can go. This is 39 bucks for 21 credits and it’s about three to four classes. How cool is that?


Cody: Okay. Pretty cool.


Ryan: All right. Now, let’s say you do like to work out a little bit and you don’t mind running or something like that. You can run for charity. How cool is this? So this is a little app that you download the app and then once you’ve got it on there, you create your account, choose the charities that you like, ALS is on there right? ALS, you got, you can feed miracle, all kind of cool stuff and then all you do is get start moving and the app will send money to those charities for the amount of miles you run.


Cody: I dig that a lot.


Ryan: Run, walk, whatever, just put it on your thing and just start doing it and you’re going to give money to cool people. Absolutely cool.


Cody: That’s really neat.


Ryan: All right, so last one is if you’re more into yoga, this is more my wife’s thing. Asada Yoga. Just some quick yoga workouts. Again, you kind of choose what you want to do, fat burning or if you want to do full body, depending on what kinds of workouts you want to do, it’ll craft accustom yoga workout just for you. And of course, look at this, she’s on a basketball court. This looks fantastic.


Cody: It does. You could be her.


Ryan: For this one is 38 bucks a month, but it bills quarterly. But if you’re into yoga and you want to find some new fun, things to do, if yoga is fun for you, there you go.


Cody: There you go. All right. Then we’re going to check out some gadgets coming up.


Ryan: Yeah.


Cody: By the way


Ryan: It’s the fitness tracker showdown.


Cody: Yes. Today is a fabulous day.


Ryan: Look at this.


Cody: Ladies and gentleman better than…


Courtney: Oh, snap.


Cody: I got my nerds on-call work here.


Ryan: You know because of budget cuts and CBS and CW. He’s actually going to go on calls with us for the next few days. Make a little extra scratch. You know


Courtney: It’s necessary.


Cody: [inaudible 00:03:31]. Fuzzy head pencil, there you go.


Ryan: That’s perfect.


Courtney: He’s a give giveaway.


Cody: By the way don’t use It on your iPad. That’s not an apple pencil. It’s much cheaper. All right. Back to you.


Courtney: Thanks you two.


Ryan: You’re welcome.


Well, we’re getting close to the end of January. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get fit in 2019 and you’ve stuck to your guns this far, congratulations! Most fitness resolutions dissolve into a slightly guilty memory in as little two weeks, so you’re already killing it!

Storm trooper on a bike

Here’s the rather fabulous fitness news for those of a nerdish disposition. There’s a ton of excellent apps to help you keep meeting those fitness goals of yours, many of which are specifically designed to be easy, inexpensive and possibly even quasi-addictive.

If you’re ready to level up your fitness game, check out one or more of these nerd-approved apps.

7 Minute Workout From Johnson & Johnson

The 7 Minute Workout deserves top billing in this line up of fitness apps for one simple reason. It’s free! Right from the get-go, the obstacle of cash is out the window. All you’ll need is a smartphone, 7 minutes and a clear area to get an honest sweat on.

7 minute workout app

The beauty of this app is that it’s ideal if you’re starting out. Just select your difficulty level — we highly recommend ‘easy’ if you’re getting back into fitness — and just follow the simple on-screen video and audio cues.

Before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to your fitness goals and righteously entitled to flexing at your reflection in the mirror while listening to this.


Now Sworkit is probably going to be a great option to look at if you feel ready to ramp things up.

To begin with, this app is designed to maximize the productive time you have available to exercise. If you have only 5 minutes before rushing off to work, this app will find you something productively sweat-inducing to do. On the other hand, if you find yourself pumped up and ready for a full 60-minute cardio blast, Sworkit’s got you covered.

SworkIt app

It’ll just as handily adapt to your personal fitness goals. Just specify leaner, fitter or stronger. It’ll handle the rest. Sadly, the app does not yet provide a prancier option. We can only hope.

In a word, Sworkit is adaptable. It’ll keep pushing you no matter your fitness when, where and why. Sworkit requires an annual subscription of $80.


Maybe you’re one of those extroverts! Or you just crave novelty and variety. Or perhaps you’re a single nerd or nerdette actively seeking to pursue your fitness goals alongside a counterpart, similarly romantically-inclined nerd or nerdette.

If any of the above apply, check out Classpass.


Classpass takes a different approach. Instead of helping you get fit at home, this app challenges you to get out into your local neighborhood to find something new. The app touts itself as “your most flexible fitness membership ever,” and that just about sums it up.

Finding something new to try is as simple as logging in and checking out what’s available. But it isn’t just a directory! Pfft. Perish the thought. Once you see something cool you’d like to try, with just a few finger taps you can book it instantly and be on your way. It’ll even pop up a map and show you how to get there. Say goodbye to any and all excuses.

If you love the idea of getting fit the social way, Classpass may be the “groov3” you’re looking for.

Classpass costs $39 per month, which includes 21 class credits. It also offers a streaming service (if it’s too cold to leave your home).

Honorable Mentions Go To…

We also have to give honorable mentions to these novel fitness apps.

Asana Rebel — Yoga

According to its website, Asana Rebel wants you to “feel sexy and healthy.” Guess it’s hard to argue with that!

Asana Rebel app

This app provides a nice mix of fitness training, serenity and flexibility maintenance. If the intensity of cardio feels a bit much and you’re looking for something which provides a low-intensity workout and a helpful dose of stress-relief, Asana Rebel is a solid choice.

Choose from 5 different yoga styles and over 100 curated workouts.

Asana Rebel starts at $38 for 3 months, billed quarterly.

Charity Miles

Charity miles app

Charity Miles is just a straight up elegant and cool concept. Here’s a neat explanation of the whole idea but in a nutshell, this app motivates you to exercise by rewarding your dedication with microdonations to your charity of choice.

If self-motivation is your personal Everest, this app may be just the ticket. What could be more motivating than partying off the pounds while doing your bit for the greater good?!


There’s no right or wrong way to get fit! You just have to find what works for you and stick with it. If you’re still searching for your perfect nerdish fitness jam, these apps are a great place to start. Each offers something a little bit different.

And we wish you well in your noble quest … to find your own, uniquely awesome fitness montage.


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