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Smart Thermostats

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  • You find you’re uncomfortable in your home
  • Your power bills are too high
  • You dig the idea of returning home to a pre-toasted house in Winter!


Not long ago, thermostats were just control panels with little more than a “make it warmer” and a “make it cooler” button. Since smart thermostats have hit the market, all that has changed. Homeowners are now completely spoiled, with features that blow the socks off old-school thermostats. Most notable amongst them include automated HVAC control and energy savings. These new age wi-fi thermostats come fitted with sensors and smart algorithms that use AI to know when to turn your system up or down. If that’s not motivation enough, consider the huge convenience factor of hands-off control. With a simple voice command, you can change the temperature from just about anywhere whether it’s your couch or on the way out from the office. If all those features weren’t cool enough, upgrading to a smart thermostat is a simple, one-time install process. Our trained technicians can hook-up your home with a wireless thermostat within minutes.   Once everything is set up and complete, using your smart thermostat is as easy as turning a dial or pressing a button on your smartphone. We provide installation services for 3 smart thermostats: Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell.

Nest Thermostat

The flagship thermostat from Nest oozes style and premium build quality. Unlike normal thermostats, Nest continuously tracks your temperature preferences to build a weekly schedule, just for you and your family. This allows for seamless automated temperature control.   If your schedule is predictable, you don’t have to bother setting the temperature ever again. schedule Fitted with a motion sensor and a smart algorithm, Nest factors in humidity, movement, and local weather conditions to adjust your HVAC so the temperature is always how you like it.   If your schedule is variable, Nest will automatically reprogram itself to adjust to your new habits.   So if you head out for an evening rather than stay in, Nest is clever enough to not waste energy heating an empty house.

Ecobee 4 Thermostat

Maintaining a constant temperature inside your home is not easy. Standard American homes feature multiple rooms, an upstairs, downstairs, basements, and attics. Yet, the thermostat is confined to one location. This causes situations like a warm living room when you’re lounging around but a freezing bedroom when you head up to bed. Not ideal. The Ecobee 4 smart thermostat fixes that by deploying remote sensors around your whole house. Instead of a simple picture of your home’s temperature, Ecobee draws from a detailed, room-by-room heat profile. ecobee 4 The toasty benefit? Ecobee lets you maintain a uniform temperature in every room. Throw in built-in Alexa and Ecobee can be used as a home assistant also.

Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat

For those with unpredictable schedules, a thermostat that micromanages temperature is not always efficient. Honeywell’s Lyric Round allows you to set baseline temperatures for home, away, and vacation. From here, geofencing technology takes over as your wireless thermostat watches your every move using your phone’s GPS location. Using your predefined settings and location information, the lyric round adjusts your heating and cooling unit to maximize comfort as soon as you step in. When at home, the lyric round turns into a monitoring powerhouse. It’s always scanning for changes in the environment that might impact your comfort. When detected, changes are automatically made in the background.

Enjoy Home Comfort The Smart Way

Smart thermostats are the perfect addition to your modern home. With help adaptive technology to efficiently heat and cool your home, inconvenience is a thing of the past.

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Questions nerds often hear about Smart Thermostats

Why should I invest in a smart thermostat?

Studies have proven that homeowners with smart thermostats save on energy. Moreover, wireless thermostats make life easier.

What should I consider when buying a wi-fi thermostat?

Consider your lifestyle and the level of automation you require. Smart thermostats come in many varieties, each of which is suitable for a different lifestyle.

Are smart thermostats difficult to maintain?

Not at all! Once we hook-up your new thermostat, maintenance is minimal. These devices are built for ease of use and to get out of your way.