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Home Theater Selection

You might need a nerd if…

  • You want a home theatre set up but you’re on a tight budget
  • You need advice on good quality home theatre equipment which suits your home and your price point
  • You’d like a home theatre buff to go shopping with you to help you make good decisions
  • You love movies and you want to have an amazing home cinema
home theater A home theater is the ultimate in nerdish luxury. It’s a way for your family to escape into an entertainment wonderland while not having to do onerous things like changing out of your pajamas or *shudder* leaving the house. While the original idea of a home theater was pretty narrowly confined to emulating the experience of going to see a movie, these days your typical home theater is a bit more multi-purpose. It’ll typically need to cater to other entertainment options like social TV viewing and (of course!) gaming. However, the path to achieving your home theater Nirvana can be a rocky and narrow one. Without the right planning and approach, you may end up blowing your budget or investing in technology which doesn’t meet all your “hometertainment” (made up word) needs. Nerds On Call can help you build the home theater of your dreams. We can give you advice on how to keep it within your budget, suitable for your whole family and easy to use. Call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form and we’ll make your home theater happen without the theatrics!

Before we get to the technology…

OK, it’s true that the heart of any home theater is the technology. It’s the tech which makes all the pictures and the sounds and the happy feelings happen. However, before you get to all that nerdology, we suggest you have a think about the basics.


Home theaters eat money. They’re more ravenous for your hard-earned cash than a Demogorgon at a blood bank (if you get this reference, nerdy high fives!) So, before you get to the specifics it’s a really good idea to sit down and make a hard decision about your budget. Then stick to it. At some point, you’ll see that next model up and you’ll be so tempted. Resist the siren song, fellow nerd!   If you design your home theater right, you can always expand later on. If you need help with choosing the best tech within your budget, call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form. We’ll even go shopping with you to guide you through your choices.

Location and layout

Then it’s time to think about where you’ll situate the home theater within your home. Most of us non-billionaire types will have limited choices on which room you’ll be using but if at all possible, avoid a square room. Square rooms are harder to manage acoustically because the sound will reverberate. Ideally, you’ll want a rectangular or irregularly shaped room. These rooms usually produce crisper sound with less echo and distortion. They’ll also give you more options for setting the perfect distance from your TV or screen. home theater location Try to get rid of any large, flat surfaces. If you have a blank, featureless wall in your home theater, now is your perfect excuse to adorn it with nerdishly cool things. Get a Wonder Woman poster up on that wall! Or throw up some shelves and discover the utter joy of making tiny metal models.

Manage your light

You’ll also want to spend some time thinking about light. Nothing harshes a movie buzz more than a big old ray of natural, vitamin D enriched sunlight glaring up your room like it owns the place. home theater lights If your room has no windows, you are dealing with the ideal home theater environment. If you do have windows, 100% blackout curtains are a must. They’re inexpensive and easy to install.

Bring on the tech!

So you’ve got your room set up just right. Now it’s time to get serious and set the tech dial to 11. Nerds On Call offers a range of home theater installation services. Here’s how we can help.

We’ll go shopping with you

Nerds On Call will send an elite nerd to go shopping with you to the store of your choice. We’ll talk you through all the options and help you settle on technology which fits within your budget and delivers the best bang for your back. We’ll also help you decipher all the gobbeldy gook sales speak you’ll probably get from the salesperson in the store.

We’ll install your home theater for you

Maybe you already have the technology but you need help getting it to work properly? We’ll come to your home and do a complete installation. All the following services and more besides will pose no problem for us.
  • TV Set up
  • HDTV Installation
  • 3D TV Installation
  • Standard Def TV Installation
  • DVD Player setup and repair
  • Apple TV
  • DVD Player Set
  • DVD Player Repair
  • Windows Media Center
  • Roku Player
  • BluRay
  • DVR
  • Internet TV

We can provide a smart home consultation

We can also make your home theater smarter! Would you like to be able to connect your TV to your computer? Maybe you’d like to be able to control all your home theater devices from your iPhone or iPad. We can integrate all your devices and make them more reliable, easier to use and better able to communicate with one another. Smart home control We can even integrate smart home technology so that your options are all run from a central hub computer connected to the Internet. The opportunities are endless.

We’ll make it good for everyone in your home

Most importantly, we can work with you to make your home theater good for everyone in your home. These days if you have kids in the house, integrating parental controls into your home entertainment isn’t just a good idea, it’s pretty much essential. Nerds On Call can install these controls so that you can have peace of mind that your kids aren’t exposed to the wrong content or people.   We can also set up other home-friendly solutions like headphones and Teletext so you can keep using the theater late into the night without waking anyone up.   Home theaters are a nerdy nirvana or a cash-consuming demogorgon. We can tame the demogorgon and help you set up your perfect home theatre with a minimum of fuss and within your budget. Just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.   Keen to learn more about our smart home consultation service? Just click here.

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Questions nerds often hear about Home Theater Selection

I’m not a millionaire. Can I still have an amazing home theatre?

Yes! There’s great equipment out there and if you know what you’re doing there’s absolutely no reason to spend a gazillion dollars to get it. We can help you make smart decisions about your home theatre, leaving room to expand later should your budget allow it.

Will I need a gigantic room to make it work?

No. A beautiful home theatre can be installed into anything from a corner nook to a giant nerd cave. It’s about using the available space in a smart way. We can help with that too!


I’m worried if we build a home theatre, the kids will never go outside again

Don’t worry. We can set you up with some sweet parental controls which will give you complete control over when and how long the equipment can be used for. We can also show you how to control the content it can display.


Do you sell Wonder Woman posters or would I need to purchase that separately?

Sorry. Wonder Woman poster not included.