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Smart Home Consultation

You might need a nerd if…

  • You can’t get your TV to communicate with your smartphone
  • You would like to install a computer controlled thermostat in your home
  • You want to install networked speakers through your home
  • You’re excited about smart home technology but you’re on a budget
  • You need help setting up smart home technology
  • You need advice on what products provide the best value for money
Home construction has come a long way. The first known homes were built in 3000 B.C. by the Egyptians and while we’ve upgraded the materials a number of times since then (or maybe you live in a mud and brick home – we won’t judge), there have only been a few technological upgrades over the years. The way that technology is moving, it is going to integrate more and more modern technology into our houses. It’s not scary dark sci-fi stuff either – it’s all the benefits of being able to control and protect your own home. What is all this that we’re talking about? Well, don’t you think it would be awesome if you could be out in Sacramento, see that the weather is going to heat up, and control your thermostat at home to keep your pets from barking? Or if you don’t have pets, simply to make sure it’s cool when you get home from work? Or wouldn’t it be great if you could have your music follow you around the house without having to hold anything? Wherever you were, you could access the same music, movie, or radio stream. You could even leave the home and it would be smart enough to let you pick it up on the bus ride into Sacramento. Sound awesome to you? It does to us. It’s the 21st century – technology is becoming openly available to anyone, not just the rich and famous. And with the help of a consultation from your friendly Nerds, we can turn your home into a smart home. We can give you a consultation that will give you advice on what features of a smart home might be valuable to you. There are hundreds of different applications, so even if the ones listed above don’t sound appealing, chances are you’ll be able to use at least some of the features.  You can choose to just install the features you want. So let your Sacramento Nerds help you update your house to the most modern it can be!

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Questions nerds often hear about Smarthome Consultation Sacramento

Everyone is talking about smart home this smart home that. What actually is it?

To put it really simply, it’s setting a computer up in your home to manage home technologies like thermostats, entertainment equipment, and security systems.


Can I just buy stuff online and get you to install it for me?

Yes, you can do that, but you’re likely to get more bang for your buck if you get an expert involved early in the process to help you choose equipment which is right for your home. We suggest you call us before you purchase any smart home technology.


Is it crazy expensive?

You might be surprised at how reasonable the price can be to install a decent suit of smart home tech. The price has come down a lot in recent years and there are options for most budgets.


Will my smart home become sentient and start bossing me around?

Probably not. We wouldn’t worry about that too much at this stage. If you do have artificial sentience issues give us a call and we’ll perform a full factory reset for you, free of charge.