As you live in the modern city of Fresno, you’re probably already pretty accustomed to seeing “smart” functionality in buildings. You might not know it, but many aspects of modern construction are wired to be able to be controlled through a computer and by extension through the internet.

Houses haven’t really changed significantly since brick and mortar came around thousands of years ago. In fact, we still have brick and mortar houses around. That’s why it’s so exciting that smart home technology is being developed. It allows us to control every aspect of our home from wherever we are – it doesn’t matter if we want to turn the temperature in the house down while we’re not there – even out in Fresno, or if we want to check in on what’s happening, or lock or unlock doors. It’s pretty much the future – serious Star Trek tech.

Obviously this might take a bit of consultation to get right – after all, you can’t just throw every feature into your house. No doubt there will be some that you have no need for. If you live in an area with no crime, you probably don’t want a dozen networked cameras, but if you’re worried about your safety, it might be a good idea. There are hundreds of options out there – you’ll need to narrow them down. That’s why it would be a wise idea to get a consultation from an expert – like us. Maybe you just want to talk about how to get started or you want us to come out and install everything as well – whatever it is, we’d love to help you. We always offer free estimates and we’re right here in Fresno to help you with smart home integration.

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