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We Nerds don’t really have much experience being awesome, but we’re sure you’re familiar with the feeling. You just do your thing from day to day and people just regard you as the bee’s knees. Eventually, you gain some fans. They follow you around Sacramento, ask you for your autograph, and take weird pictures of you to post in gossip magazines. It must be hard dealing with these fans all the time. That’s why we offer our fan replacement service.   Well…kind of. We’re really talking about your computer fans, which keep your computer cool. We know you’re naturally cool enough – you don’t need fans. Your computer does though and every once in a while they get filled with pet hair and dust and little particles – it just naturally happens over time. While you can keep them relatively clean with a can of compressed air, they’re eventually just going to break from the constant strain.   Nerds On Call would love to replace your fans for you! No, it’s not because we’re jealous you’re so popular. We just want to help. We’re right here in Sacramento waiting to hear from you at the moment, so as soon as you need fans switched out for high-efficiency air-moving devices, let us know via phone or the chat box below.

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  • Is Fan Replacement Sacramento expensive?

    Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.