You might need a nerd if…

  • You need help installing a home theater
  • You want to set your home up with surround sound
  • Your devices aren’t communicating properly and you need a home network
  • You’re interested in smart home technology
  • You need help installing and running parental control software

Home Theater Installation

Setting up that new home theater equipment can be quite a daunting task, especially for those who are no more technologically inclined than a newborn. Nerds on Call can help you during the entire process, from planning, to picking out a television and speaker system, installation, and we can even send a Nerd over to watch a movie with you! Okay, so we technically can’t pay a Nerd to watch a movie with you, but we can make sure your home theater is exactly how you imagined it. No matter how big or small your homes theater setup, the nerds can get it done right, making your life much, much easier.

  • HDTV Installation
  • 3D TV Installation
  • Standard Def TV Installation
  • DVD Player setup and repair
  • Apple TV
  • DVD Player Set
  • DVD Player Repair
  • Windows Media Center
  • Roku Player
  • BluRay
  • DVR
  • Internet TV

Nerds On Call loves home theater installations! Call us whenever you want help, 1-800-919-6373.

Home Theater Selection

Would you like a Nerd to take you shopping? Nerds on call will actually send a Nerd shopping with you, to the store of your choice. We can help you pick the perfect Home Theater set to fit your needs. Give us a call to set up a shopping spree. 1-800-919-6373.

Home Network Integration

Connect your TV to your computer. Would you like to access and control your Home theater system completely from one place? You can remotely control a home theater system over the internet, or even from a smart phone? We network any sound, audio, or digital entertainment systems together.

Parental Controls

Parental control software, settings and filters are a reliable way to protect your children while they surf the internet. Nerds On Call has always advocated anti-cyberbully efforts. We teach parents how to use simple computer programs to monitor and filter their family’s internet consumption. Do you want to limit the time your kids spend online, or would you prefer to protect your kids from “explicit material” we can set that up for you. Parental Control Settings can also be set up to automatically monitor game systems, DVD players, and cable TV. The Parental Control Services and Programs offered by Nerds On Call will keep your children safe while browsing. Give us a Call at 1-800-919-6373 if you have any questions about your Parental Control options.

Smart Home Consultation

The first home was built by the Ancient Egyptians around 3000 B.C. We have come a long way since those first mud roof homes. Today, home owners and contractors are starting to integrated technology into their homes. Smart-Home technology is used to make your life simpler, and safer. Did you know that you can control your homes thermostat right from a Smartphone? You can program your house to heat up, cool down, unlock, and play music, record TV shows, and sync your family’s calendar with your computer and cell phones, and many other things. Smart Homes are beginning to set the standard for safe, reliable construction practices. Smart-Home Consultations Services will allow you to work directly with one of our Nerds to integrate convenient technology into your home. Smart-Homes make your life easier, and we would love to help. Call us at 1-800-919-6373.

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Questions nerds often hear about Home Theater Redding

Everyone is talking about smart home this smart home that. What actually is it?

To put it really simply, it’s setting a computer up in your home to manage home technologies like thermostats, entertainment equipment, and security systems.

What is a home network?

It’s how all your devices talk to one another. Your computer, your television, your printer – all these devices are able to connect to one another and work together through a home network.

Is this stuff crazy expensive?

You might be surprised at how reasonable the price can be to install decent sound, entertainment and smart home technologies. The prices have come down a lot in recent years and there are options for most budgets.

Can you offer me advice on surround sound over the phone?

Well, yes we can. While we can do this, we suggest a home visit. Surround sound is a technology which needs to be adapted to room in which it will be installed. Ideally, we’d come and look at your space and offer tailored advice.

Does making a network happen require extra equipment?

If you have a modem and a router, this is sufficient for a basic network to be set up in your home. If you have ethernet cable running through your home, all the better! If you don’t have the infrastructure in place we can provide a free estimate on how much it would cost to set up.

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Common Terms


A High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is the modern standard for trasmitting high-definition digital video and audio. HDMI cables can carry both standard and 3D video as well as surround sound audio and internet. For this reason, most modern game consoles and televisions use HDMI to interface with computers or set-top boxes.


RCA connectors, also called phono connectors, are analog cables and have been used for years to transmit standard definition video and audio. RCA cables for home theater are usually seen in triples: a yellow video jack, and the red and white stereo audio cables.


The Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format is used for transmitting digital audio. It can carry multiple channels and is often used in home theater systems where HDMI does not carry audio


NTSC and PAL are two types of encoding video signals: NTSC is used in the Americas, while PAL is widely used in the rest of the world. Devices designed to play NTSC content cannot play PAL content, and vice versa.

Sur­round Speak­ers

5.1, 6.1 and others refer to speaker configurations. A 5.1 speaker system has five (5) satellite speakers and one (1) subwoofer. This is the standard method of referring to speaker configurations. For instance, a 3.3 sound system would be a strange one with three satellite speakers and three subwoofers