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Video Transcript

Julie: Welcome back to “Good Day.” All right. If only we had commercial cam, because Ryan Aldridge is about to talk to us about Pet Technology, and he decided to use the technology to hit…

Ryan: I’d beat her in the head.

Julie: …this nug head.

Ryan: Just a little.

Julie: Yeah. Just a little bit.

Ryan: You know what? Just a little, just a tiny bit.

Julie: If I needed an excuse to lose just one more brain cell, you know. I’m struggling already to get through. All right.

Ryan: So, this story was your idea.

Julie: Yes.

Ryan: About a month ago, there was a dog that got lost that was here in Sacramento that ended up getting found in Bakersfield, right?

Julie: Yep, yep.

Ryan: And you were like, “Dude, we should totally do a segment on that.”

Julie: Yes.

Ryan: Julie and I have been working together for years.

Julie: Yes.

Ryan: So she was at another station, and I’m so happy that she’s here now.

Julie: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

Ryan: Anyway, let’s talk about Pet Tech. So, first thing we want to talk about is the whistle. The cool part about the whistle it’s this little tiny device you attach to your dog or your cat’s collar. A cat of about eight pounds…

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: It has to be about an eight-pound animal for it to track, and what it will do, is it will give you their GPS location, and you can set certain limits about how far they can go and such.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: And it will alert you on your phone. It will give you a notification, “Hey’ Fider’s running for it.”

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: And it’s got a GPS locator, so you can kind of track them wherever they go.

Julie: Exactly where they are.

Ryan: It’s $9.99 a month for the service. It’s $79 dollars for the actual whistle itself.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: But it’s also got an activity tracker, so it kind of like “fit bit” for your dog.

Julie: Oh.

Ryan: So if they suddenly have a drop off in activity, or they suddenly stop, you know, working out, I guess, you can track that…

Julie: Yes.

Ryan: You can say, “Hey, my dog isn’t doing so good.”

Julie: You know, or maybe you’re getting overweight. Got to get you moving again.

Ryan: So we might need that for Ken’s new puppy, okay.

Julie: Yes.

Ryan: So let’s talk about watching the dogs when you’re away, or the cat’s when you’re away.

Julie: Yes. I love this.

Ryan: So the Petcube is really cool. The cool part about the Petcube is it’s got a laser pointer in it. So, if you’re away from home and want to message your cat…

Julie: Oh my gosh.

Ryan: You can use a laser point on your phone, on the App on the phone and play with them. You can see them. You can also set your cam to public so other people can use the App, see your cats and play with them. But keep in mind, it’s to the public.

Julie: So your house is being showcased.

Ryan: And there is also an optional feature that you can turn on a microphone and a speaker, so you could talk…

Julie: Whoa.

Ryan: …to your animals, but, so could other people.

Julie: Oh.

Ryan: So, be careful.

Julie: So you don’t have to have it on a public mode?

Ryan: You don’t have to.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: And Petcube also makes this really cool feature right here. This one gives out a treat, essentially. You can shoot a treat at your animal…

Julie: Shoot it.

Ryan: …anytime you see them up next to the camera. So it’s kind of like, “Hey.” You call them up and say, “Hey. Come on over to get some treat,” whatever.

Julie: [Inaudible 02:25]

Ryan: …and then pop them in the nose.

Julie: Wow.

Ryan: So this one is $1.79. The smaller version is $1.79. The bigger version is $2.29.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: And now, let’s talk about how far this…

Julie: Yeah.

Ryan: …has to go to actually hit Ken…

Julie: Because this hit me, with this ball, and…

Ryan: …over at the [inaudible 02:38] desk. Let’s see how good he is at playing catch…

Ken: Hey. Wait a minute, what?

Ryan: This is called the iFetch.

Julie: Get ready for it.

Ken: Hold on. What?

Julie: Get ready for it. Get ready for it.

Ryan: This is the iFetch, and what you can do is, you put a ball in there or your dog will put a ball in there and it will fire a ball.

All: Whoa.

Ryan: It’s got three settings and we also set up Cody over here, so we could do Cody.

Julie: Oh, yeah. Let’s try to get Cody.

Ryan: You want to get Cody or what Ken? Well, Ken’s still

[crosstalk 02:58]

Julie: Okay. Well, Ken one more time.

Ryan: So let’s get Ken.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: So you adjust the ball, the ball will shoot out of here automatically. I’ll get it for you.

Julie: And there’s a couple different settings.

Ryan: That’s a 10 setting. It’s a 20 setting.

Julie: What you use to bonk me on the head?

Ryan: Get him. Get him. I did a 20 setting.

All: Whoa. Oh, yeah.

Julie: We got him.

Ryan: Here comes a 30 setting. Watch out, Ken is going to get you.

Julie: Whoa.

Ryan: Whoa.

Ken: Whoa.

Julie: Okay.

Ryan: So this pretty cool, because your dog can play, and basically fetch with itself. And there are two different versions. These are the small ones. They also a bigger one with full-size tennis balls that can go in here.

Julie: Okay. How much is this thing gonna cost me?

Ryan: This one is $115, and the bigger one is $200. But…

Julie: I mean, couldn’t you just… Hey, Ken, watch out.

Ken: Huh.

Julie: Couldn’t you just do this?

Ryan: You could, but what if you’re not home?

Julie: That was a strike, by the way.

Ken: That was very good by the way.

Ryan: But if you’re not home, this allows your…kind of maybe, your ball obsessed dog to keep himself entertained. And when ‘Game of Thrones’ comes on…

Julie: Oh, yeah.

Ryan: …later on, you’re going to need this in your house.

Julie: But you can’t take time away from that?

Ryan: Yeah, you can take your time away. You could play ball.

Julie: Watch out Ken.

Ken: No.

Ryan: [inaudible 03:56]

Julie: Can we try to Cody?

Ken: I will sue you.

Julie: Try to hit Cody.

Ken: I will sue you. [inaudible 00:04:00]

Ryan: All right. Here we go. We’re gonna get Cody.

Julie: Okay. Here we go.

Ryan: Get Cody. Get him. Get him.

All: Oh.

Julie: Too far. Okay.

Ryan: A little too much power. [inaudible 04:10]

Julie: Okay. Less power. Here we go.

Ryan: Come on Cody.

Julie: Three, two, one. Go.

All: Whoa.

Ryan: Let’s turn it a little bit.

Julie: It keeps moving. Okay.

Ryan: We’re gonna get him.

Julie: Last attempt. Last attempt.

Ryan: Let’s do it.

Julie: Okay. There we go.

All: Oh.

Julie: It’s okay. We’ll work on it. Okay. If you want more information on any of these gadgets, you can always go to our website. Go to showinfo…

Ryan: We totally got him.

Julie: We got him.

Ryan: We got him.

Ken: Yay.

Julie: …and we’ll have all the info listed there. Ryan Aldridge, thank you so much.

Male voice: All right. That works. Who did that? Okay. We need to get to this because it’s really…


For many of us, pets are like family.

If you’ve ever wondered what Mittens is up to while you’re stuck at the office all day or worried that Fido hasn’t escaped the yard again, you’re in luck!  

The latest in pet technology can help you stay connected with your beloved cat or dog.

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Track Down Your Escape Artist with Whistle 3

Do you have a “Houdini dog?”

He or she always finds a way to escape the yard, and boy is it stressful. Wouldn’t it be great to be alerted as soon as it happened and then see where they are in real time?

Meet the Whistle 3: a waterproof, dirt-resistant, GPS-enabled collar that tracks your dog’s location in real-time.

With a 1-week battery life, the Whistle 3 monitors your dog’s location and activity level.

The collar costs $79, and location and activity tracing requires a $9.95/month fee.

Use it to designate “safe zones” that are linked to a recognized WiFi network range. You can set up a range for your home, office, grandma’s house – whatever “safe” areas your pet frequents.

If your pet leaves this zone, Whistle 3 will let you know via the mobile app, so you’ll be alerted as soon as he escapes whether you’re at home, work or out to dinner.

Whistle tracks your pet’s GPS location every 90 seconds to ensure minimal lag time.

The integrated activity feature is a great way to ensure your “furbaby” is staying active, fit and healthy.

The accelerometer calculates both the duration and intensity of activity. You can also set custom activity goals based on your pet’s breed, weight and age.

Sudden drops in activity level can be a warning of imminent health concerns, so you can know when it’s time for a vet check.

The Whistle 3 works for any pet over 8 lbs, so your full-sized cat or Chihuahua can benefit.

Engage with Pets when you’re Away with Petcube

Busy schedules keep us away from home more and more often.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your pup is chillaxing or be able to play with your feisty kitten remotely?

Petcube has a line of interactive Wi-Fi pet cameras that let you do just that: the Petcube Play and the Petcube Bites.

Both models feature sound and motion alerts that let you know if your dog is barking incessantly or your cat is climbing the drapes (yet again).

Alerts are sent to your phone, where you can view your pet’s antics in real time.

Petcube Play

The Petcube Play ($179) lets you view your pet through a wide-angle lens that streams 1080p HD video, and talk or give commands with 2-way audio.

You can even play with your pet!

Use the Petcube Play app to remotely control a laser pointer by dragging your fingers around your screen. The camera will then beam out a red light for your dog or cat to chase.


Don’t have time to play from work?

Set your Petcube to “public” to allow anyone on the net to play with your pet.

Alternatively, you can help out other pet owners in the community. Petcube is like an interactive Instagram for pets.

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites ($229) also lets you see and talk with your pet in real-time. But with this version, you can reward your pet for following commands.

The camera has an inbuilt, two-pound container which holds up to 100 treats.

You can fling treats at varying distances, up to 6-feet, to keep Fido on his toes (or, err, paws).

If you’re worried about your dog going hungry, or if you don’t have the ability to login regularly to engage with your pet, you can schedule the camera to toss treats at preset intervals.

Ball-Obsessed Pooches Rejoice the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher is here.

Playing catch with your dog is a pastime beloved by dogs the world over.

But if your pooch happens to be ball-obsessed, it can leave you frustrated for all the wrong reasons.

If you find that you’re annoyed when your dog hounds you to throw over and over again…and again, say hello to the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher.

This machine can launch tennis balls of different sizes at varying distances.

Here’s how it works:

Your dog drops a tennis ball into the top of the machine and it shoots out of the side.

He/she chases the ball down and brings it back to the iFetch. The process repeats for as long as your ball-focused hound stays interested.

The iFetch ball launcher is available for $115 (for the version that fits 1.5” miniature tennis balls which can be flung 10, 20, or 30 feet) or  $200 (for the version that accommodates 2.5” standard-sized tennis balls which can be launched 10, 25, or 40 feet).

Smart Gadgets for Happier Pets

Don’t let separation anxiety get you down.

With today’s pet tech, you can stay connected and engage with your lovable furbaby, even if you can’t always be there with them in person.

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