iPhone Electrocution: Shocking News

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This week our very own Ryan Eldridge appeared on the Brandmeier show to talk about phones and electrocution. Read about the iPhone electrocution.

Listen to the segment here:


Brandemeier: Andrea did a story that piqued my interest about this lady who was on her iPhone 5 while it was charging. She took a phone while it was charging, she’s on the phone, the phone is charging, she picks it up, she’s electrocuted to death.

Cohost: Woah

Brandemeier: On a charging mobile iphone 5. Her sister tweeted out that she collapsed and died and warned everybody “don’t charge the iPhone 5 and answer it at the same time. Be careful.” That message went viral and guys like Ryan Eldridge, Hey Ryan, is that your name, is uh, your company’s called Nerds On Call?

Ryan: Yes it is. Isn’t that great?

Brandemeier: That’s the greatest name of a company eva! Nerds On Call!

Ryan: We’re one of the only people that it’s ok to call nerds because first, Nerds will never punch you in the face for calling us a name but we love being called Nerds because it makes us feel smart.

Brandemeier: yeah I like it. And you have a system where if people need computer repair, callnerds.com, right?

Ryan: Absolutely, or you can call 800 919 6373

Brandemeier: I like that. Callnerds.com. I wanted to ask you about this cause you guys are Nerds and you kinda know what’s going on in the world of Apple especially. Is this a fluke or could this possibly happen to someone else charging their iPhone 5?

Ryan: Well under certain circumstances it is absolutely possible. Let me give you an example that will kind of freak you out a little bit. Did you know that a 9-volt battery or a AAA battery directly to your heart can kill you?

Brandemeier: You see? right again, Nerds On Call. He know something only a Nerd would know. Now when you say a 9volt battery, you’re talking about something that would …that little square battery?

Ryan: Yeah. Just a little square battery that you lick and gives you a little shock when you’re a kid and you think aahhh that’s kinda funny. So there’s basically three major factors dealing with electricity. So there’s volts, which is kinda the amount of the shock you’re gonna get, amps, which is sorta the duration of the shock, and when you look at an iPhone charger for example, it only has 5 volts and one amp. Now if you took a 9-volt battery and applied it to your heart for a full three seconds, you’re dead. You’re gone. But your body has a natural resistance, which is called ohms. And so your body can take a lot of energy. So think about a lightning strike. people can survive that. or when you’re walking on the ground and you drag your feet and the static electricity. that’s 20,000 volts. So your body can handle quite a bit of electricity. It just can’t handle it over a longer period of time.

Brandemeier: So you’re saying that this lady was on the phone her iPhone 5 is in the charger; she picks up the phone, when the phone rings, she keeps it by her ear for a predetermined amount of time, time obviously too long, that actually killed her?

Ryan: That is totally possible, now there’s a super-secret section at the very end of the article that gives you a little bit more detail into what she was doing when it happened.

Brandemeier: What was she doing?

Ryan: She happened to be naked and she had just gotten out of the bath.

Brandemeier: Ah right, well that’s the end of that story. So that’s the end! What are you talking about? If she was naked and in a bathtub, there is no story! Nobody picks up a phone plugged into the wallsocket in a bathtub unless you’re stupid.

Ryan: And when I was a little kid you know we didn’t make toast when we were in the bathtub either. So there’s certain things that are common sense here that if you’re using electrical equipment while you’re wet and naked you’re gonna have a possible shock.


Brandemeier: People out there aren’t going “Wait a minute iPhone 5 charger what? People died” No. People, don’t even, this isn’t even a story. It’s not going to be a story. Because I’ll tell you why: it was hooked up to the wall; she was wet; end of story. Use your iPhone 5 the way you wanna. Let me ask you another question while I got you. You’re a Nerd, right? By the way, your phone stinks. You should have a better phone if you’re a nerd

Ryan: I am so sorry about that. I didn’t have time to get to a landline this morning.

Brandemeier: Hold on a second. Let me ask you what do you think about the new iPhone. Is there a new iPhone coming out in September or not?

Ryan: Guaranteed there’s a new iPhone coming out. They come out with one every year. Last year they switched to coming out in the winter instead of the summer which is what Steve Jobs liked to do; he liked to announce them right around the WWDC.

Brandemeier: So there is a new iPhone coming out because I don’t want to get a new one until the new one comes out. That one is coming out when again? What’s the date. Has it been set?

Ryan: It’ll most likely be October. That’s when they liked to release it in time for Christmas.

Brandemeier: Alright let me ask you another thing, Nerds. Nerds on call. Callnerds.com. Have you ever seen the iPhone cases that are also taser guns?

Ryan: Oh no I have not seen that! But that sounds fantastic!

Brandemeier: It does sound fantastic. It looks like it’s for people who walk around with an iPhone who are afraid of walking around on the street of Chicago or wherever and you push a button but on the button is a laser…a taser.

Ryan: That’s sounds absolutely fantastic. I would use that just about every day at my business.

Brandemeier: What are you who would you tase? Who would you be tasing at Nerds On Call?

Cohost: I didn’t know nerds were dangerous.

Ryan: Let’s say an employee isn’t working quite as fast as I want him too, I can (zzzzzt)

Brandemeier: That would be honestly I saw this online I was thinking to myself, this is something I have to get and it’s real. I just don’t know where I can buy one yet. But Nerd listen to me, why don’t you do some research; call me back and let us know where you can get these, put it out to nerdland, let us know where you can get these taser iPhone cases, ok?

Ryan: Ok, you got it. I will do that.

Brandemeier: Ok, you call back, and you call back with a better phone and then I’ll give you a plug for your company again.

Ryan: You got it.

Brandemeier: Alright brother, thank you.