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I think by now we’re all aware of Facebook. It’s all over the news, all our friends are talking about it, and it’s even the subject of a major motion picture.

But why the fascination? I know that at least for me, it’s a way to connect with my friends who have scattered across the country in the past few years.

There are also other options out there for online social interaction.

You have Myspace (for the kids), Twitter (for the busybodies) and now even Google has joined the fray with their Buzz network.

Facebook is clearly the winner in the social networking battle, however. Over 500 million people have Facebook accounts.

For me, I find it most convenient for the simplicity of it. Myspace has too many ads on their pages.  Twitter, being based on constant status updates, just isn’t for me. I don’t really feel to give everyone I know a play-by-play recount of my life.

I’m just not witty enough to share my thoughts with the world. As for Google Buzz? That’s probably one area that Google is struggling with showing their dominance.

The big question though, is why?

Why use these services?

The best thing about Facebook is the ability to customize it to fit what you like. You can leave yourself, your pics,  your words of wisdom and even your personal information with the entire world. OR, you can make it viewable to just your friends, or even make everything private if you want.

When I was still young and fresh in my social networking experience, I had a girl that I had never seen before send me a private message. Turns out, when we were both toddlers, our mothers were best friends. She, being slightly older than I, remembered my mother and wanted to reconnect. After some investigation on my part, I found out who she was and was able to reconnect with who was very likely my first friend ever. Since then, we have become good friends, even after not even interacting for over 25 years!

I suppose the point of the whole thing is, with technology, we have the ability to keep in touch with our family and friends from all 4 corners of the globe. And sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Google make it that much easier.

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