Facebook Home Initially Disappointing; Will Evolve

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Facebook recently released a new kind of app called Facebook Home, and the reviews are lackluster so far. But if the tech giant’s history proves to be any indicator of long-term success, this is just the beginning of a long relationship with the software.

Facebook Home, launched April 12, 2013, promised to turn the user’s phone into an all-in-one social hub with pictures, live updates, and easier chatting with Facebook friends. But reviews over the days since its launch have not been favorable. Complaints frequently mention how much battery the app consumes, though many people seem hopeful to use it if certain features were included. The likely reason behind this reception is the choice of phones that Facebook chose to support the app.

The phones that support it so far are high-end Android smartphones like the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II. The people using the app so far are more concerned with bleeding-edge functionality than a much larger user-base would be. Early media reports on Home’s “Failure to Launch” seem to ignore the limited user base that it has been released to.

Facebook has been working on better integrating user feedback into their designs, after having gained a reputation for inconsiderate and abrupt homepage redesigns. Their latest site redesign therefore focused on usability and good design. Home only achieves the latter, but is clearly hoping to improve its product based on the less-than-congratulatory reviews online.

The official Facebook app has had almost 7 million installs, customers which Facebook is no doubt looking to convert to the new Facebook Home app, so it makes sense that they would polish the app on high-end devices before releasing it to a broader user base. As always, computer repair experts and Nerds look forward to seeing where this trend is headed – Facebook never does anything small!

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