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Fan Replacement Fresno

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Fresno gets pretty hot. Especially during the summer, we like to keep our air conditioners and fans running all day long while we try to keep cool in the pool. Have you ever considered what your computer is thinking while all this is going on though? All those electronic devices can get pretty hot after extended use. After all, there’s a lot of power surging through the little circuits in there. Most computers have at least two fans to help deal with this heat. One goes on the processor; the other circulates air through the case in order to keep the temperature low enough that the electronics don’t melt. If you have pets, smoke or just have any dust around your computer, those fans can get pretty gummed up over time. And it is Fresno – when fans start to stop working, the temperature can get nasty.   You can keep your computer relatively free of dust and gunk with a can of compressed air, but in the end all that wear and tear on the tiny motors and fan blades is going to take its toll. We’d love to replace them for you. We’re all from Fresno over here – we know how the heat can wear down everything in the city. We want to make sure your computer isn’t one of those things. Fan replacement is a simple fix to a big problem, and something you should at least check out if you haven’t already. If your fans need replacement, just give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Nerds!

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