Having a laptop with sensitive information on it can be like carrying a bomb around Fresno. If you accidentally drop it or leave it behind, it could explode and cause serious damage to you. Ok, it’s not exactly like a bomb. But the point is that you want to be safe. Anti-theft and remote wipe software for your laptop can keep it from being stolen and protect its data from the same.

Anti-theft software for your laptop works by adding another level of security: it encrypts your laptop’s data so that anyone without your password will see a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers. In addition, it can help you to track your laptop if it is stolen. Anti-theft software like this is often used in police investigations and examples of vigilante recovery justice. Nerds On Call Computer Repair Fresno can install anti-theft software on your laptop and give you increased peace of mind today!

Remote wipe software is yet another level of protection. If your data isn’t encrypted, or you’re worried about something breaking into your system once they’ve stolen it, remote wipe software can clear out your stolen laptop so that nothing can be recovered. Remote wipe software is usually used as a last resort, though you can try nuking your computer just for fun too. Nerds On Call Computer Repair Fresno can help you install remote wipe software as well.

Both our anti-theft and remote wipe software services are covered by the Nerds On Call Computer Repair Fresno guarantee: if you’re not happy, we’re not finished. Call now for your free estimate!

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Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.

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Common Terms

Remote Wipe

A remote wipe is a feature that allows a device administrator or owner to remotely delete all the data from a device, such as a smartphone or a laptop if it is lost or stolen.

Anti-Theft Software

Anti-theft software, also known as “find my device” or “remote locate,” is a type of software that helps locate and recover lost or stolen devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It allows the device owner to track the location of their device and remotely lock or wipe it if necessary.