Run! Fitness Apps That Turn Exercise Into Adventure

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Video Transcript

Ken: …with Ryan from Nerds on Call with some apps and turn exercise into adventure. Run.

Courtney Dempsey: Let’s get it. Let’s get it. Now let’s be honest. After a while…

Ryan: I should’ve worn my sweatband.

Courtney Dempsey: You should’ve worn a sweatband. I forgot to tell you. After a while, that’s boring though, ust running. It’s sure to get your steps in and whatnot.

Ryan: So, I used to run, like, six miles a day.

Courtney Dempsey: Really?

Ryan: That’s my humble brag. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

Courtney Dempsey: Look at you.

Ryan: But I used to run six miles a day. Now I don’t. Now I’m on a treadmill because I’m, like, “It’s 100 degrees outside. Are you crazy?”

Courtney Dempsey: It’s so hot. Right.

Ryan: So, this is a kind of a cool game. This is called “Zombie Run.” I’s for iOS and Android. It has over a million users. It’s the most popular fitness app ever.

Courtney Dempsey: So you have zombies chase you to get in shape.

Ryan: Yes, and this is kind of cool because you know, like, you might listen to a couple little things, like, “Oh, another zombie chasing you. Oh my gosh, I totally gotta run.” There are six seasons of this app. So, I mean, you can play and you never get bored. And they’re coming out with new seasons all the time.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s awesome.

Ryan: This is super cool. So these are the different storylines you can choose. Itt gives you a little map, shows you where the zombies are coming to get you, and different things that you can… Supplies you can get. And it’s just super fun. Look, these are the different seasons they’ve got, and they’re just little story missions.

Courtney Dempsey: Wow.

Ryan: And as you run, you earn little prizes, like you get the little sports bra or whatever that you’re looking for. I don’t know why you’re looking for a sports bra, but maybe you are.

Courtney Dempsey: You might not understand, but ladies, we understand.

Ryan: I mean, it’s just a super cool app. Again, Android and iOS. It’s very easy to use.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s awesome.

Ryan: It just makes your run just a little bit better. Now, this is called “The Walk.” So, somebody who maybe doesn’t wanna run all the way. This was developed by the Department of Health in the U.K. And it’s got a bunch of different stories again, and it kinda tracks as you walk, just kind of as a fitness walker, like you would with a Fitbit kind of thing.

Courtney Dempsey: Right, your steps and all that.

Ryan: But there’s different storylines, again. And so, as you’re on your mission, as you’re walking, it tells you, “Oh, go over here.”

Courtney Dempsey: Oh, cool.

Ryan: “You can pick up this little thing, and you can pick up that little thing. Here’s an emergency medical kit you can grab.”

Courtney Dempsey: Look at that.

Ryan: And so one of the storylines is there’s a bomb has gone off in one of the stations, and you have to walk the length of the U.K. in order to get all of your supplies.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s a long walk.

Ryan: I know, it is a long walk, but it tracks the whole thing. You can see your progress, you can see all the little prizes you get. The “Zombie Run” app was $3 bucks. This is called “The Walk” app. This is also $3 bucks.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s a good $3 bucks.

Ryan: So this is like the Little Red Riding Hood, one of their little storylines.

Courtney Dempsey: Wolves are returning to Scotland.

Ryan: And again, you can see your overall progress overall. So you don’t have to just do it in one shot like you do with the Zombie app one. You can do this over the course of the week, or something.

Courtney Dempsey: I dig it, I dig it.

Ryan: This is my favorite one, though.

Courtney Dempsey: What is this one?

Ryan: This one, Ken’s gonna love. I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to play it all on the screen. But it’s a little guy, right? Like, a regular video game from the old days. But in order to get him to move, you have to actually do the exercises.

Courtney Dempsey: Get out of here. I love it.

Ryan: You gotta punch. You gotta jump. There’s, like, a little ski thing you gotta do to get across some of the stuff here in order to move.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s awesome.

Ryan: It is super awesome.

Courtney Dempsey: Okay, you’re right, I like this one.

Ryan: Now, this one is free, so you can…

Courtney Dempsey: What? That’s even better.

Ryan: It’s free, but it has ads. But you can pay $2 bucks and get rid of the ads. And this is called “Dungeon Runner. ” Again you get it on iOS and Android. And it’s just so fun. You can do all these cool little things on it.

Courtney Dempsey: That’s so cool. Squat.

Ryan: I love this game.

Courtney Dempsey: Julian. It said, “Squat.” Squat.

Ryan: Squat. Let’s do it.

Ken: Julian, not the camera. You, Juliane.

Courtney Dempsey: This guy.

Ken: Cutting corners.

Ryan: So, later on, me and Ken, we’re totally gonna do this one.

Ken: Absolutely, I’m in.

Ryan: We’re gonna do that.

Ken: I’m in.

Courtney Dempsey: I love it. I love it.

Ryan: And next hour, we’re doing some back-to-school stuff for how to get your kids into smartphones, right? I have an eight-year-old and he’s begging me for a smartphone already.

Courtney Dempsey: Is it time?

Ryan: And I’ve got some tips.

Courtney Dempsey: Got some tips. Okay.

Ryan: How to do that.

Courtney Dempsey: All right, good stuff.

Ryan: Yeah.

Courtney Dempsey: You’ve got good stuff. Good nerd.

Ken: So, I can’t just say no? I can’t just say no?

Courtney Dempsey: No, you have to reason with your children these days. “Because I said so” is no longer…

Ryan: They’re human beings, Ken. They need a smartphone. They have to have one.

Ken: All right, all right.

Courtney Dempsey: Like my mother says, “You have rights when you start paying taxes.”

Ken: Right? You see what I’m saying?

Courtney Dempsey: You don’t have a job.

Ken: All up in my refrigerator.


Need some motivation to get moving? You know it’s important to get moving for health and wellness. Heck, maybe you even own a fitness tracker (or three). But if that’s not enough to get you off the couch, we’ve found some fun fitness apps that turn your walk, run or workout into an adventure. Running sure sounds a lot more exciting when you’re being chased by a pack of zombies, am I right? A company called Six to Start has created a bunch of story-based fitness apps.

Let’s check some of them out.

Zombie Run

Zombie Run – as the name implies – features zombies chasing you to keep you moving.

With over 200 unique missions, you won’t have to worry about getting bored. The gameplay is divided into 6 different seasons which you have to unlock sequentially.

While running away from zombies, you can choose your surrounding.

You can either run on a treadmill indoors or decide to take a scenic trail outside.

With over 1 million players, zombie run is a contender for the biggest smartphone fitness game. It’s great for older teens (as it does include some simulated violence).

You can find the game on the App Store or Google Play Store for $2.99 per month.

The Walk

An adventure-based game created with help from the NHS (National Health Service in England) and the UK’s Department of Health, The Walk motivates with a story that unfolds as you step.

Players must embark on a mission to save the world after a bomb explodes in Inverness station.

At the start of the game, you’re given a package. To stay alive, you need to walk the entire length of the UK to get it where it needs to go – and save the world.

Distances are broken down into goals.

It’s only when you complete a goal that the next piece of the story is unlocked. The longer and further you walk, the more clues you receive on how to save the planet.

The game features 65 episodes, 800 minutes of audio story, and hundreds of collectible items.

There’s also a smart adaptive fitness apps system embedded into the software that gives you rewards for gradually increasing how much you move each day.

The Walk is available on Google Play and the App Store for $2.99 (one-time purchase).

The Walk is among many popular fitness apps, that promotes exercise and healthy habits.


Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest

If you’re looking for some real excitement, Dungeon Runner turns your workout into an old-school dungeon battle with innovative motion tracking game-play.

You know what that means?

There are 5 levels of dungeoneering action, each of which incorporates a variety of motion-tracking exercises.

The game is recommended for 12+ for infrequent horror and frequent violence themes.

You can download Dungeon Runner for free on iOS and Android (though you’ll have to pay $1.99 to remove ads).

Get Going!

You don’t need a fancy gym or personal trainer to get fit.

Finally, your smartphone can impact your health positively!


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