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Privacy and Security Configuration Eugene

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Living in such close proximity allows neighbors to piggyback off of your WiFi signal, leaving less speed for you, the one who pays for the service. Nerds On Call can configure your security settings to ensure your private network stays private. If you think someone is piggy backing your wireless internet, connect online to Nerds On Call and ask for a technician to check your internet security settings.

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Questions nerds often hear about Privacy and Security Configuration Eugene

  • Is there a program to keep my pc private?

    There are many different programs we recommend our customers use, such as Webroot antivirus and Malwarebytes

  • How do I know if a webite is secure?

    Look at the address bar at the top of your browser. If there is an S at the end of http that means your connection is encrypted. However we also recommend using an antivirus program that will warn you if a website is not safe