You might need a nerd if…

  • Your desktop computer is slower than usual
  • You are unable to connect to the internet with your desktop
  • Advertisements are appearing on your screen
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” regularly
  • Your desktop computer overheats regularly
  • You hear beeping from your desktop computer

Desktop computers remain a frugal option for those who need powerful computing in their home. Desktops offer the ability to stay current by replacing pieces of hardware within. By upgrading your hardware, your computer will function as well as a newer model would, but for a much cheaper price. The Nerds at Nerds on Call can appreciate the usefulness of a desktop, which is why we offer various types of services, repairs, and replacements for desktop computers and their parts. Our Nerds can also help you pick out your new computer when you think it is finally time for an upgrade.

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Questions nerds often hear about Desktop Computer Repair Eugene

Why does my computer have no sound?

If you cannot hear anything on your computer, you probably need sound card repair

Why are there so many ads on my computer?

If you are seeing a lot of ads, you might have a virus. See our page on how to remove popups.

Why does my computer freeze randomly?

Random computer freezing is probably the result of an infection. See our page on malware removal.

Why does my computer crash when I play games?

If your computer is turning off while gaming, you could have a problem with your video card. Look here for graphics card repair.

Why is my computer beeping?

Beeping often comes from computers in need of motherboard repair.

Do I need to fix my desktop right now?

Not necessarily. If you can use it as normal, don’t worry about it and watch your finances. If your desktop is unusable, it won’t get better on its own. Call a professional.

Which part of my computer is the desktop?

Many people refer to their monitor, or screen as their computer. A monitor actually just takes the signals from the computer and doesn’t do any computing itself. The big box with the ports is the one that does all the work. For more information, read our article on what a desktop is

Do I still need a desktop?

If you just browse the web, send email, edit documents and photos, and maybe do your taxes, you don’t need a desktop. Laptops and smartphones can all do these basic tasks now. If you do more complicated tasks like editing video or crunching statistics, consider staying with a powerful machine.

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Common Terms

Desk­top Com­pu­ter

A computer intended for stationary use, usually separate from its monitor

All-in-One PC

A desktop computer that includes a built-in monitor. Similar to a laptop but stationary.