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San Disk memory case

Video Transcript

Cody: We got some good ones today.

Ryan: Yeah.

Cody: I’m excited about this. Where do you want to start? You want to start over here? Yeah, let’s start on this side.

Ryan: So. The first thing, what is the first thing you do when you get a phone? As soon as you get a brand new phone, what’s the first thing you do?

Cody: Uhh.

Ryan: You throw it in a case, for goodness sake.

Cody: That’s right.

Ryan: The problem is half the time that case does nothing but sit there and take up space. So this case works for you. This is from Sandisk. It’s called a iXpand.

Cody: You seem angry about that.

Ryan: I’m angry at these cases. Anyway, this is an iXpand This is 128 gigs. You put that on your phone and get a free 128 gigs.

Cody: That’s awesome.

Ryan: That’s pretty cool. You can set it up in the app. You can, save, backup all your videos, backup all your stuff. Awesome. Now, check this out. This is modular.

Cody: Uh-huh.

Ryan: You can add on a battery pack. Boom!

Cody: Whoa.

Ryan: And now you can expand this battery pack so if you’re going to Disneyland or something, you’re going to be away from charging for awhile, you can just set that up. For the total set it’s about 140 bucks. Get it at Amazon right now. Pretty cool.

Cody: As somebody that travels–

Ryan: Yeah.

Cody: Just peeking over your shoulder here.

Ryan: Let’s say you don’t wanna have a big case but you want that storage. This is a 128 little drive that you can attach to your phone or to your computer. A hundred twenty-eight gigs, it’s 130 bucks. It’s also from the iXpand from Sandisk. You can get that at Amazon. That’s pretty cool.

Cody: I like that.

Ryan: Now Apple. How terrible are they for taking away our little jack, right? Well, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Cody: Yea, I don’t either.

Ryan: So these are two Bluetooth headphone sets. This is called the Jaybird wireless X2. These range anywhere from 100 to about 150 bucks, but they’re sweatproof. And here’s the cool part, is it’s got 8 hours of talk time on it. These headsets kinda stink when it comes to battery life, but 8 hours is huge.

Cody: Yeah, that’s good.

Ryan: If you wanna get something that makes you a little nerdier, you wanna join the crowd, this is 17 hours of battery life.

Cody: Whoa.

Ryan: This is called the Infinim by LG. It’s got HarCody Cardon sound so the sound is gorgeous on it. And also you get to wear this cool neck accessory.

Cody: True.

Ryan: Seventeen hours of battery life. This is from Verizon Wireless. About 150 bucks. Let’s say you have an Apple Watch and a phone and you wanna set it up, this is pretty cool. This, you put the Apple Watch right there and it will charge it for you, and then you put your phone. And you got this really cool display next to your bed.

Cody: And you don’t have like 50,000 cords and slipping over them and stuff.

Ryan: Yeah. And here’s one of the coolest parts of this. You know if you have a really bulky case and you can’t charge it on here, this is a little expandable thing so you can make this little guy go up and down so it will fit your case. How cool is that?

Cody: That is good.

Ryan: I hate getting these docks and then they don’t fit. So last but not least, this is from TextNow. Now imagine you drop your phone in water or you break it or something and all of a sudden you’re out of touch. For five bucks, anywhere from $5 to $10, you can buy this kind of phone. It’s a really inexpensive phone. Throw it in your glovebox and only use it when you need it. For $13.99 you can get LTE connection as well as the WiFi. And it’s pretty cool because it switches from WiFi to LTE when you’re on the phone depending on where their signal’s strongest. Is that cool?

Cody: That’s pretty cool.

Ryan: That’s awesome. That’s from TextNow. That’ll run you anywhere from $5 to $10 for the phone, $13.99 for the contract. Not even contract, it’s month-to-month.

Cody: Really?

Ryan: Yeah. Is that cool?

Cody: Which means we’re paying a lot more for phones.

Cody: I think this is gonna change a lot of stuff.

Ryan: This is my favorite thing. A hundred and twenty-eight gigs. Just going from a 64 gig phone and adding an extra 128, it’s like a whole world. You can have all the Disney movies you want on there.

Cody: That’s pretty good. All right. Good to see you, my friend. You got another segment coming up. What’re you gonna do?

Ryan: We’re going to talk about teens using the internet for evil.

Cody: Evil. All right back to you.

You can’t leave the house these days without your smartphone, but there can be some frustrations – limited space, insufficient battery life, fragile screens.

The fear of damaging our expensive pocket sized super computers is a constant worry, also we want to fully use all the features our smartphones offer while we are on the go. In order to do this, you are going to need some accessories to get optimum smartphone enjoyment.

Luckily for you, we have a nice list of all the coolest accessories that you can’t possibly be without!

All of the products we list below are available to buy right now online.

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Is This The Coolest Case Ever?

So how about the Coolest Case Ever?

This is the It costs about $140 on Amazon for 64GB + external battery pack. It gives you 32GB, 64Gb or 128GB of extra storage depending on the model you choose. It automatically backs up photos & videos from your camera roll to your case, with the optional add-on battery pack gives you extra battery life too. The cool thing about this is that it detects when phone’s battery is low & kicks in to charge it, and it protects device from drops & tumbles.

Need more storage?

The No AUX Plug? No Problem!

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are the future. They allow you to untether from your phone! No more yanking your headphones out of your ears every time you snag the cord on a cabinet or chair. Some key issues to be aware of are: 1. Battery life. Look for a minimum of 8 hours of talk time. 2. Style and comfort: do you like the “necklace” style or prefer wires, do you like magnet tips or dangling ends? 3. Are you using for headphones for a workout? Look for waterproof/resistance headsets.

An example of the “necklace” style is the LG Tone Infinim, available for $149 from Verizon and other retailers. They have Harmon Kardon signature sound, retractible ear buds and due to it’s collar style, it boasts up to 17 hours play time between charges!

If you prefer a sport style, the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are available from between $100 and $150 depending on where you buy. These are sweat-proof, boast great quality sound and get about 8 hours of play between charges.

Charge Your Essentials Simultaneously

Belkin’s Powerhouse 2 docking station for iPhone and Apple Watch is available for around $100.

Now that Apple has announced the Apple Watch 2, more people may consider this as an “essential” accessory.

This sleek docking station will charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.

The stand has a “Case-friendly” adjustable lightning connector, you can dial it up or down to accommodate your case.

The built-in magnetic charging module charges the Apple Watch on contact.

Be Prepared for inevitable catastrophe

When you drop your $800 phone 3 days out of warranty, be prepared. You’ll want an inexpensive, no-contract phone to get you by until you can afford a new one.

Enter Text Now Wireless!

Their phones start at $4.99 for the Moto E and $9.99 for an LG Tribute 2

They have no contract plans starting at $13.99 for unlimited talk, text & 2G data

Seamlessly switches calls from WiFi to a cellular network (Sprint), helping keep costs low. Ideal for you to start saving for a new smartphone device.

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