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After Nerds On Call had established Chico and Sacramento outside of our home Redding location, we started looking for another place to settle a new location. We had caught expansion fever and it wasn’t looking like it was going to settle down any time soon. (It didn’t, as it turned out).

The college town of Chico was great, but we wanted something more significant – somewhere with a population that actually needed our services more – after all, all those college kids are learning to fix their own computers. Plus, we wanted somewhere that was a bit greener, we love trees.  Perhaps Yuba City would be a nice southward expansion? The only problem was that the newly formed Sacramento store wasn’t turning quite the profit that we hoped it would. In fact, it had taken so much of our cash resources to keep the Sacramento store running that we couldn’t afford to start a new store. However, Ryan Eldridge and Shane Rivers were eager to keep expanding.

They dreamed of starting a Nerds On Call Computer Repair Yuba City, but Ryan’s wife and Nerds On Call co-founder Andrea Eldridge would have frowned on the expansion. So unlike late-night bowling activities that any other husband would hide from their wife, they started the store under her radar. They placed an ad in the Appeal-Democrat for “Nerds On Call Computer Repair Yuba City.” They used our manager in Chico to service the customers.

Fortunately for Nerds On Call, as well as Ryan’s marriage, the service began to take off and turn a profit. It was at this point that Ryan revealed the endeavor to Andrea. No word on how many nights he spent on the couch. We also hired a local tech to service the area. Shortly after we moved into our location on Palora and were in full swing.

Since the rocky founding story, we’ve taken off, however. Ryan no longer has to hide his business endeavors from his wife, and all of you in Yuba City have become familiar with our work. We think we’ve done a pretty good job at repairing your computers – and we always want to hear feedback on it! We’re more than willing to listen to you and work with you to make sure you have the best possible experience. After all, we’re already here in Yuba City for you and there’s no reason you should have to look anywhere else for better tech support – we bring the best computer repair to you!