Computer Repair Roseburg

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In 2008, Nerds On Call established its first store in Oregon.After about a year in the area, our Nerds quickly fell in love with the rolling hills, the green trees, and the pastures. As Nerds had originally come from a near-desert town, the cool, fresh air and frequent rain came as a delightful relief. In fact, we liked it so much here that by the next year, we had decided to open a number of new locations.

Our involvement in Roseburg actually lies very closely tied with our expansion in Oregon. After Merl founded the location there, he continued to gauge interest in other cities that might benefit from our services. We wanted to be able to get our name out to as many locations as possible, while simultaneously keeping our prices low. That’s how we can afford not to charge for things like estimates – we want to be around for a long time to be the best computer service around.

So after we established Nerds On Call Roseburg Computer Repair, we really began to love the people as well as the landscape in the area. Our Marketing Director loves to stop by on her annual trips to Oregon. All of you in Roseburg have become good friends over the years and we’ve developed a great relationship. We hope you feel the same way. If not, please let us know!

The Nerd who currently services the Roseburg area is Josh Garnick. Recently, Josh appeared on television to help bring the public’s attention to the DNSchanger virus that spread around the internet. Josh loves to help people feel safe on the internet, as well as give them the tools they need to use it efficiently. That’s why he works at Nerds On Call Roseburg Computer Repair!

One of our favorite features of the area is the Umpqua dairy, founded in Roseburg. All the other Nerds stores are jealous of the fresh milk products that Josh brings back with him on his days in Roseburg. He’s almost like a milkman for our Nerd family!

If you ever have any questions about our services or would like to request something of Nerds On Call Roseburg Computer Repair, give us a call or chat with us on our website. We’d love to know how we can be there for you.