Application Services

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Your computer, phone or tablet has the ability to run useful and fun “apps”. Apps add additional convenience to your life and they are a major reason you have a computer. There are thousands of applications to choose from and it can be challenging to find the right one for what you’re trying to do. Nerds On Call can help you find the perfect combination of applications to help your computer fly to new heights! Our Nerds are here to answer any questions you have, we have free live chat 7 days a week, and we offer private computer tutoring lessons.

Application Services:
NERDS will Install, Update and Repair any computer Application including:
Microsoft Office
Apple iWork
Adobe Programs
Financial management software
Contact managers
Website design and management
Digital photo apps such as iPhoto and Windows Media Center
Digital music programs
Desktop publishing
Mail programs (outlook outlook express, gmail, webmail)
Communication software

If the Application you need isn’t listed, please contact us and ask, there are millions of computer programs, and our Nerds know how to fix all of them. 1-800-919-6373.