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Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and electronics repair service for homes and businesses. Andrea established the company with her husband, Ryan, from a...Read More »

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  • Replace Windows XP for Cheap
    Replace Windows XP for Cheap
    Microsoft’s support for Windows XP has officially ended.  Those systems still running XP are vulnerable to hackers accessing data or being turned into a bot-net to spread viruses and malware.  Maintaining an up-to-date anti-virus software isn’t enough to keep a system running XP secure.  It’s time to ditch XP once and for all.  Luckily, there are reasonably-priced options so that you can replace your XP relic without needing a second mortgage. “Do I have to switch to Windows 8.1?  I hear it’s a big change from XP.” It’s true that Windows XP users will feel more at home with Windows 7 than with Windows 8 which has some distinct and noticeable differences in appearance and navigation from earlier versions of Windows.  You don’t have to migrate to Windows 8.1 if you’d prefer to stick with a more familiar OS.  New PCs are available from most major retailers with Windows 7, though you won’t have as much selection as if you opt for Windows 8 and Microsoft plans to end support for that OS in 2020. “Can I upgrade my existing machine to Windows 7?” The short answer is, probably not.  If your PC came with Windows XP pre-installed, your hardware is likely to be at least ten years old.  Even if you bought a top-of-the-line machine back then, it’s not going to be worth upgrading compared to buying a new PC. The system requirements for Windows 7 are listed on Microsoft’s support site: Read More
  • Apps for Children with Special Needs
    Apps for Children with Special Needs

    Note: I have updated this article with reader feedback at the end. Please read it and my response For parents of children with special needs, it can be heartbreaking to feel that their child’s potential to communicate, learn, or participate in school activities is hindered by a disability. Touch-screen devices such as tablets can offer your children unique opportunities to learn and develop because they aren’t mired by such things as input devices (e.g., mouse and keyboard). They can scroll through applications, play games or navigate the device more easily, allowing them to engage in the activity, practice or learn […]

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  • Replace Phone Carriers with Apps
    Replace Phone Carriers with Apps

    When Facebook shelled out $16 billion for mobile messaging app WhatsApp in February, it had many Americans scratching their heads. “A texting app? Isn’t that what I use my cell plan for?” Web-based messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Voice, Skype and Facebook Messenger are used by a vast majority of texters worldwide, while those in the U.S. continue to utilize mostly SMS texting through their cell service provider. Will web-based mobile messaging and talk apps let you say sayonara to your pricey cell service? As one of the most popular web-based mobile messaging apps, WhatsApp ( has over 450 […]

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  • Get Kids to Love Science and Technology
    Get Kids to Love Science and Technology

    If your kids are anything like mine, they’re totally gadget crazy. From my cell phone when we’re out to dinner to the console game at home, I am lucky if I can pry the little devices out of their fingers. They also tend to be more technically savvy than me, relying upon their natural curiosities to experiment until they get the results they want, instead of being bound by many of the “shoulds” and “should-nots” that sometimes limit my own abilities. According to a 2012 report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the US is currently […]

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  • Share Secrets on New Social Network
    Share Secrets on New Social Network

    Secret is the latest social media site to garner buzz. It’s different from Facebook or Twitter because you post anonymously to a pool of people gathered from your contact list, or linked through a series of friends-of-friends. You may ponder, “How is it social to post anonymously?” The hot new app is a like a social media masquerade ball and fans insist that the anonymity allows them to be more themselves than when they have to “face” their fellow users. Anyone who’s used Facebook or Twitter has likely censored themselves at some point or another. By the time you gather […]

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  • Mid-March Tech News Roundup
    Mid-March Tech News Roundup

    If you ever feel as though you’d like a cliff-notes version of the latest tech news, I’m here to help.  It was a busy week in technology.  Here are the highlights. XP Users to Get Pop-Up Reminder Starting on March 8th, Windows XP users will begin seeing a pop-up notice on their screen, warning that support for the OS will end on April 8th.  Microsoft is pushing out the pop-up warnings, which include a link to the Windows XP “Support is ending soon” site, in the hope that more users will migrate off the 12-year-old software. Before you click the […]

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  • Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP
    Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP

    It’s time to remove Windows XP, upgrade, and move on. We published an earlier article about XP’s end of life, and the deadline is here – On March 8, 2014, you may have been greeted with a message telling you that “Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th, 2013” and a link to learn more. For the 29 percent of computers around the World still running Windows XP, this will be the last chance they have to upgrade before the storm of malware rolls in. The End of Support date is the point at which Microsoft will no […]

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  • IRS Releases Top Tax Scams of 2014
    IRS Releases Top Tax Scams of 2014

    On February 19th, the IRS released its annual list of the top tax scams for 2014. As more taxpayers prepare, file, and store their data online, incidents of crimes like identity theft, phone scams and phishing increase. While these scams happen year round, the IRS warns taxpayers to be particularly cautious during tax season. Here’s what to look out for. Identity theft tops the IRS’s list of most pervasive tax scams in 2014. This is a broad term that encompasses any time someone uses your personal information like your name, Social Security number or driver’s license without your permission to […]

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  • The Nerd World of February 25, 2014 – Bitcoin Exchange Topples, Apple Discovers Flaw,  Nokia X Announced
    The Nerd World of February 25, 2014 – Bitcoin Exchange Topples, Apple Discovers Flaw, Nokia X Announced

    Bitcoin Exchange Crashes The tech world is abuzz today with the news of MtGox closing its doors. MtGox is a Bitcoin exchange, a site that allows users to buy and sell the virtual currency. For years, the site has been a staple of the Bitcoin community and has transferred millions of dollars worth. Today, the site reads “In light of recent news reports and the potential repercussions on MtGox’s operations and the market, a decision was taken to close all transactions for the time being…(cont).” The recent news referenced refers to the site’s series of troubles since February 7th. It […]

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  • Wearable Tech
    Wearable Tech

    This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was crowded with wearable technology like smart watches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth jewelry. Google Glass is already in the hands of a few select early-adopters. Even those brands without a wearable device on the market, such as Apple and Microsoft, are rumored to have them in the works. Manufacturers believe it will be an integral part of how we will interact with technology in the future. Is it ready to join your arsenal of mobile technology? Smart Watches and Bluetooth Jewelry Wearable technology appeals to those looking to have constant access to certain information. If […]

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