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Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and electronics repair service for homes and businesses. Andrea established the company with her husband, Ryan, from a...Read More »

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  • Tech for Toddlers: How to Help, not Harm
    Tech for Toddlers: How to Help, not Harm
    In their book, “Toddlers on Technology,” Patti Wollman Summers (early childhood educator and Head of the Parenting Program at the Mandell School), neuropsychologist Ann DeSollar-Hale, PhD, and Heather Ibrahim-Leathers explore the way today’s toddlers are interacting with technology. Is time spent with digital media helpful, harmful, or both? According to a study released in October 2013 by Common Sense Media, “Zero to Eight: Children’s Media Use in America 2013”: “Among families with children age 8 and under, there has been a five-fold increase in ownership of tablet devices such as iPads, from 8% of all families in 2011 to 40% in 2013.” In spite of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation that parents restrict access to media for children under the age of 2, Common Sense Media reports that "38% of children under 2 have used a mobile device for media (compared to 10% two years ago)." While these statistics maybe alarming to the AAP, the writers of “Toddlers on Technology” insist that exposure to appropriate apps on a mobile touchscreen device actually has some significant benefits, even for young children. Why would a longtime early childhood educator and neuropsychologist make statements contrary to the AAP’s guidelines? The authors explain that there have been no reliable, scientific studies completed with regard t... Read More
  • Save Electronics From Water: Summer Survival Guide
    Save Electronics From Water: Summer Survival Guide

    Summer can be a real beast when it comes to your electronics.  Whether you and your Smartphone get pushed into the pool, you drop your tablet in the sand, or your iPod overheats in the car, here are some tips to cure your gadget’s summertime blues. Summer and water go together, but electronics and water?  That’s a no-win combination.  Assuming that you haven’t yet dropped your phone in the lake, prevention is unquestionably more effective than repair.  Consider investing in a waterproof case that can keep your mobile device safe from splashes and spills.  There are a bunch of great […]

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  • The Lowdown on Net Neutrality
    The Lowdown on Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is not just a fight between the big tech companies like Google, Netflix and AT&T. Whether or not Net Neutrality is upheld will affect the future of how every American accesses the Internet. Here’s the low down of what it means, why you should care, and what you can do to have your voice heard in the debate. The current state of the Internet in America is one of “Net Neutrality.” It means that all traffic is treated the same regardless of what data is being sent – emails, web searches, VOIP calls, streaming videos, etc.. – all […]

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  • Tech Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day
    Tech Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

    He’s always there to help you out of a jam, be it a flat tire or first date advice. There’s one day a year dedicated to showing Dad how much you appreciate him. Before you grab a tie and a box of golf balls for dad this year, consider some tech-inspired alternatives to take your Father’s Day gift up a notch. The Commuter: When dad sets off for work or on a car trip, ensure that his coffee or tea is hot to the last sip with the Retro Smart Mug, made by Princess International and sold through Amazon for […]

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  • Avoid Scams While Job Hunting Online
    Avoid Scams While Job Hunting Online

    While the job market appears to be improving, there are still plenty of people out there either unemployed or underemployed looking for work.  An urgent need to find work can lead some to the point where they’ll “take anything.”  Here’s where the scammer strikes: preying on individuals who need to be solicitous, polite and willing to jump through hoops to prove themselves accommodating to potential employers.  Don’t be swindled!  Here are some ways to identify potential scams and prevent yourself from becoming a victim. The first step of a job-hunting scam typically employs posting a fake job listing.  Scammers advertise […]

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  • Kid-Proof your Tablet for Summer
    Kid-Proof your Tablet for Summer

    Even if you aren’t ready to accept that summer vacation has arrived, it’s here.  Before your kid has way too many free hours to surf the net and spend her college savings fund on in-app purchases, get your mobile devices ready by activating some quick and easy parental controls. It’s all too common for parents to diligently restrict access to the Internet and adult content on the family PC, but forget the handheld mobile devices like iPods, Kindle Fires or other tablets.  While these kinds of gadgets seem like toys, they can get online and give access to games, media […]

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  • Fix Shattered Smartphone Screen
    Fix Shattered Smartphone Screen

    It’s become the rite-of-passage for clumsy Smartphone owners everywhere: shattering your phone’s screen.  After shelling out hundreds of dollars and getting your technical life transferred to your mobile device, one trip or slip and that shiny new phone, tablet or iPod is totally unusable.  It’s too late to repent the decision to forgo a sturdier case – how do you get your phone back to usable condition? The first call most people make is to their cell phone carrier.  The person on the phone or behind the counter is going to ask whether or not you bought their phone insurance.  […]

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  • Read Your eBooks Anywhere
    Read Your eBooks Anywhere

    When I bought a Kindle Fire, I went from my book-a-month habit to about a book-a-week, practically overnight.  This could be a costly endeavor, and yet when it comes to eBooks, I stuck with my old habit of purchasing new titles directly through Amazon, simply because it was easier.  It never occurred to me to price compare other vendors, even though saving a few bucks on a new release could equate to some serious cash over the course of the year.  Is it possible to shop around e-book vendors, but still read the e-books on my Kindle?  Here’s what I […]

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  • Amazon Fire: Cable Killer?
    Amazon Fire: Cable Killer?

    Amazon Fire TV is just the latest debut in a number of streaming devices on the market allowing you to stream content from video applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime directly to your TV.  To hear Amazon speak of it, you’re destined to cut the cord with your cable or satellite company after investing in one.  If you’d like to cut back on your cable bill, or eliminate it completely, here’s what you need to know about the streaming devices on the market, what you can watch – and what you’ll miss – if you make the switch […]

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  • Make Awesomely Secure Passwords Easily
    Make Awesomely Secure Passwords Easily

    Remembering a unique login and password for every website you frequent on the internet requires either a genius-level photographic memory or a really cool trick. Since these days I often forget what I was getting up to retrieve as soon as I leave the room, my vote goes to the really cool trick method. Here’s how to get unique AND easy to remember passwords for every website you visit. The recently exposed “Heartbleed” bug is a coding flaw in the security and encryption protocol OpenSSL. It allows attackers to access passwords and personal information on affected websites. Open SSL is […]

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