Things that excited us from the Consumer Electronics Show this year

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Let’s face it, we all like gadgets, and we like them even more if they make our life easier! This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) one of the main focuses was “Mommy Tech”. There were gadgets, and apps galore focused on making the household run a little smoother. In this blog I’ll highlight a few things that caught my eye!

Motorola MBP35 The newest in baby monitors The Motorola MBP35 digital video baby monitor comes with everything you need to monitor and see your baby anywhere in the home. With crystal clear sound, 3.5 LCD color screen, infrared night vision and high sensitivity microphone you will be alerted to any sound or movement during the day or night. The 2-way communication function also allows you to comfort and talk to your baby through the parent unit. The temperature monitor also allows you to ensure that room temperature is kept optimum for the baby.

Samsung HMX-Q10 If you like your tech simple it doesn’t get much simpler than this HD camcorder. Full HD model featuring the company’s “Switch Grip” which uses an accelerometer to flip the screen display depending on which way up you’re shooting. Physical controls are limited to a record button and zoom ring; everything else is handled by the 2.7-inch touchscreen. It will be available February 2011, and priced at $299.

Eye-Fi Memory Card If you like instant gratification (and honestly who doesn’t) this memory card is for you! Its enabled with Wifi so you can upload pictures directly from your camera to your computer or photo-sharing site. With the 4Gig card priced at only $49.99 instant uploads never looked so good.

Drive Safe So you have a new driver in the family, and no matter how much you nag they just wont get off of their cell phone while in the car. This software can completely eliminate the potential for drivers to ignore anti-text warnings by disabling texting, emailing and keyboard function of a mobile phone in a vehicle moving faster than 10 mph. By using GPS to track speed and coordinates, Drive Safe Software automatically turns off a mobile phone’s texting capabilities when the phone is in a moving vehicle. This potentially life saving app is only $29.99 for a single driver and $69.99 for a family three-pack

Teknion Charging Lamp This lamp has a hidden power mat in the base so long gone are the days of looking for another power cable, and dealing with jumbles of cords. The LED lights have an estimated 50,000 hours of expected life. This is the perfect mesh of form and function and at only $240 its pretty good looking too!