The Amazing Merits Of Social Media

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use facebook and twitter to get hiredBy: Andrea Eldridge

Have you ever noticed that “Like us on Facebook”! stamp on the back of a chips or cookies package and wondered who in the world loves their snack foods so much as to want to get daily updates in their Facebook news feed? Social media has become the marketing Holy Grail. How to sell something successfully to the mass of social media users is the subject of countless how-to books and lecture series, yet few companies have really found much success.

We would argue that while Facebook isn’t the best place for Dove to sing the merits of their newest body lotion, it is unquestionably a great place to connect with friends and family. Most of us can benefit from that connection for more than just finding out how Grandpa did in his golf game. Whether it’s networking to get a new job or scouting out a potential date, this week we’ll explore ways to use social media to sell yourself.

Do you ever wonder how can you benefit from the network you’ve established on Facebook or Twitter? Imagine you have a beloved cat that your three year old suddenly develops a debilitating allergy to. You wouldn’t think of dropping Fluffy at the shelter with a bag of kibble and a “best of luck.” Before social media, you would have been calling everyone in your Rolodex, hoping to find someone willing to adopt your pet that you knew would care for Fluffy. You would likely have spent days or weeks, perhaps resorting to a classified ad if you got desperate. With Facebook or Twitter, you can send one heartfelt message to everyone you know, asking them to re-post to their friends, and so forth, instantly reaching hundreds of potential cat lovers.

Use Social Media To Make Connections:
Are you seeking someone to share your popcorn with at the new Captain America movie? One intriguing invite and you’re likely to have a response before the day is done. If you’re looking for a more long term relationship, consider participating more actively in groups that fit your interests. As you post comments and join conversations, you’ll meet others with similar loves and interests.

Use Social Media To Get A Job:
If you’ve recently joined the ranks of people looking for employment, Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to find out about companies that have openings. If you reach out to your extended group of friends and family using social media, you may discover recently created positions that haven’t yet been advertised. Often a company will be short handed, but not able to actively recruit, and a fellow employee or friend recommending you can go far to get your foot in the door.

Use Social Media To Sell Old Gear:
Finally, if you’ve got a few extra gadgets, or perhaps an elliptical machine gathering dust in your garage, consider the opportunities of using your social media network to hawk some wares. One option is to create a group and invite your friends and family to participate. You can post pictures of what you want to sell, and add a comment with the description and price. Encourage others to post pictures of their own spare items and create an impromptu bazaar. Add tags to photos of products you think certain people in your group would be interested in. If you create an open group, it means anyone can join, while closed means you (or whoever you appoint to administer the group) has to approve people asking to join.  It’s up to you to decide how large of a pool of potential buyers you want to amass. You may never have to wake up at the crack of dawn to host another garage sale.

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