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Motherboard Repair & Replacement Sacramento

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Having a broken motherboard is one of the worst problems that a laptop owner can have, unfortunately. First, it’s pretty hard to diagnose. When your computer just stops turning on, it could be any number of things – the CPU, the RAM, or the motherboard. All those things need to be tested first before the motherboard can be determined as the root cause. If the motherboard is actually broken, then you have a serious problem with your computer. Most motherboards can’t be repaired, they need to be replaced. And motherboards for laptops aren’t really something you can just pick up in Sacramento. So how do you know when you might have motherboard failure? The most common symptom is random crashing. While this means that your motherboard hasn’t quite failed yet, it may just be about to. There are a number of other things that this symptom could mean, but none of them are good. Now if your motherboard has failed, and since a quick trip into Sacramento won’t solve anything, what’s a computer user to do? Call the Nerds! While losing your motherboard isn’t fun, we can make the replacement process easy and quick. You’re already pretty inconvenienced and we don’t want to add to that. We come from locally, here in Sacramento, and we’re helpful and friendly –at least we like to think we are. Lots of other people have confirmed that suspicion. Also, we offer free estimates, so if you just decide to get a new laptop, that’s an option too. You can even ask our Nerds what the best option would be if you go that route. Whatever you decide to do, we’re there to help you, not pressure you into making a decision. So give our Friendly Nerds a call today or click the chat icon below!

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    Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.