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Macbook Protection Software Sacramento

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It’s generally assumed that Macbooks don’t get viruses – but this is really only partly true. While yes, Macbooks tend to get viruses much less than PCs, but every year about a half-million Macbooks do get infected with some sort of malware, be it a virus, Trojan, or various other piece of malicious software.   With Sacramento being the hub of commerce and electronics users that it is, many of these infected computers pop up in the city of Sacramento every year. The reason that Macbooks have enjoyed relative shelter from viruses and subsequently not needed protection software is because for many years, they have had a much smaller market share than Windows. Hackers often seek to gain money from their misdeeds, and since Macbooks require completely different code, it’s not worth it for them to grab anything from the low-hanging fruit. And apples don’t hang as low as other fruit on the computer tree. The number of computer users is rising, and with it the number of Macbook users.  This means that hackers will be more prone to write malware for your Macbook. So how do you prevent this oncoming tide of malware from infecting you? Well, there are a number of programs available to do this. And here at Nerds On Call, we can set you up with those programs. We’re right here in Sacramento for the installation of protection software on your Macbookintosh. Whether you just need some friendly tech advice or if you want us to do it for you, we can help! Plus, we always give free estimates, so there’s no risk for calling us! If you want to know how to get protection software on your Macbook, give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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