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Graphics Card Repair Sacramento

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Most people aren’t entirely sure what a graphics card is and that’s ok. It’s kind of a weird concept. Did you ever see Inception? If not, the spoiler-free summary is that there are dreams within dreams. It’s pretty crazy. Definitely a great nerd movie! If you haven’t seen it, head to the closest Sacramento video store and rent it. Anyway, the concept of a graphics card is similar. It’s a computer within a computer. Just like your computer has memory, a processor, a motherboard, and cooling units, so does your graphics card. Your graphics card is entirely dedicated to…well…graphics. For people who do a lot of graphics (there’s that word again) work, you probably use the card a lot more than most people. Any complex visuals are handed to the graphics card by the rest of the computer. Now, if only we could put a computer within a computer within a computer…   So if you’re noticing that when you try to do something really visually complex like gaming or design and your computer is sluggish, there’s a good chance that your graphics card isn’t quite up to snuff.   Being the avid gamers that most nerds are, we have invested a lot of time in understanding which graphics card is the best for each individual use. Since most of us spent our early years in our parents’ basements trying to scrounge together computers from the cheapest components possible, we know how to be economical enough to find cards that won’t break the bank. Not to be down on the local stores here in Sacramento, but buying graphics cards at the store is generally not the best way to go – especially considering the additional cost that you’ll have to pay for installation.

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