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Blu Ray, DVD, and CD Repair

Remember when CDs were all the rage? Then CD burning at home came along. DVDs and DVD burning came after that, and now all those things are sort of expected from a computer. Now we have Blu-ray discs. One wonders what the next step will be. Chances are good that we’ll be moving away from optical disc technology, but for now it’s the most reliable method of software or high-definition video transfer. Video services like Netflix are great, but sometimes you just have to head down to your video store in Sacramento and pick up something the internet doesn’t have. For that it’s nice to have a working DVD or Blu-ray drive, in case you want to play it on your home theatre PC or similar device.   Sometimes drives malfunction. The disc in the drive can get dislodged and stick back beyond the tray. You can try sticking a paper clip into that teeny-tiny hole to get it to release, but that does not always work.  That is when it becomes a difficult fix, but if you really need the stuck disc, we’re more than happy enough to perform drive surgery and recover your precious data.   If your drive is making clicking or whirring noises, it might just be time to get your CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive replaced! They don’t cost nearly as much as they used to, and with the help of your friendly Sacramento Nerds, it will be a snap to get your optical drive up and spinning like a ballet dancer again. It’s really just too much effort and money to try and repair an old drive, so it’s a good thing drives have dropped so much in price. If you have any of these problems or have another CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive error, just give our friendly Nerds a call or click the chat icon below to get your computer back on track!

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