If you’re reading this, I can reasonably assume that you have internet access. If not, then you are no doubt some sort of psychic who can connect to the web with their mind, like in X-Men. That’s pretty awesome. What am I thinking right now?

What non-psychic people use to connect to the internet here in Sacramento is called a network card. They come in many forms. In phones they’re tiny 3G modems, on computers they can be built into the motherboard or be separate cards connected to the motherboard, or even be external and connected via USB. On top of this, there’s a whole slew of different specifications. Wireless-N/B/G, or wired, dual-band connectivity, cable, DSL, etc. It gets pretty complicated.

Now, if you’re reading this, like I said, you have internet access. You obviously aren’t THAT in need of a network card, which kind of defeats the purpose of this page. However, chances are that at some point in your future, you’ll need one. Either you want to get your old desktop hooked up to a wireless network, or your kid will get a laptop from an uncle, and the laptop will need a network card. So keep your local Sacramento Nerds On Call in mind! We don’t mind waiting, really. We’ll be here. In the meantime, if you’re having connectivity issues, we’d love to look at your computer and let you know if your network card is the issue.

Nerds On Call is located right here in Sacramento, and if you ever need your network card looked at or a new one installed, give us a call or click the chat icon on every page!

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