Refresh That Old Laptop

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Video Transcript

Cody: Here, you got an old laptop Grandma gave you, it doesn’t have to be old and sad and run slow, it can run fast.

Ryan: Christmas time just happened and now you’re handing down your laptop to your kids or family members, somebody who needs a laptop, schoolkids, things like that. And so this is just gonna breathe a little bit of life back into it. So first things first, laptops, the first thing that wears out ’em every time is the stinking battery, and they just don’t hold a charge anymore. Here’s the cool thing, is you just go to YouTube and type in your make and model of your battery, it’ll show you a little how to do, and most of them just snap right out. Go buy a new one on eBay, boom, you’re ready to go. So that’s first. Second, let’s say you got a laptop that’s got a lotta scratches, and marks, and cosmetic wear. This is from iBenzer, this only costs 19 bucks, and I put it on my laptop, makes it look nice and new, plus you get this cool little keyboard cover.

Cody: Oh, I like that.

Ryan: So if you’re eating muffins over your keyboard all the time, boom, you can just pull this right off and there you go. Watch that, done.

Cody: Wow, t’s like you see into my soul. Plus you could do like a dual with nerds.

Ryan: I’ve been keyboarded. Okay, so let’s say you get a scratch on your screen or on your iPhone, you can use like a headlamp restorer kit. This is eight bucks, and you can kinda clean off your screen and get any scratches to go away. And here’s another thing, I hate the power cord, power cords are the most annoying thing. This is by Quirky, this was 13 bucks, and look how cute it is! 

Cody: That’s great.

Man 2; It’s in pink, so that way I’m kinda like representing here, you know, with the blue and the pink, so that’s kinda nice. So that’s only…this is only 13 bucks and you can get that at And the last thing you want to do on an old laptop to really get it going, is you can go to a website called And at Crucial, they got this really cool feature down here in the middle where you can scan your laptop and it’ll tell you what kinda RAM or memory your computer’s gonna take and give you instructions on how to install it. Like, for 35 bucks, you can make that computer sing [SP] super fast.

Cody: Really? 

Ryan: Yes.

Cody: Okay, that’s cool. That’s very cool.

Ryan: So, those are my tips to make an old laptop like new again.

Cody: Nice. Thank you very much. And what are you gonna do later?

Ryan: We’re doing…we’re talking about the iPhone anniversary and how it changed the world.

Cody: Yes.

Ryan: Just a little thing.

Cody: Just a little. Before then, we actually looked up.

Ryan: We didn’t have that creak in our neck all the time.

Cody: Yeah, back to you. 

If you were the lucky recipient of a lightly used, new-to-you laptop this holiday season, we have some easy, inexpensive ways to improve an older laptop inside and out!

The biggest challenge with an older laptop is limited battery life. How do you keep an older system from dying soon after it’s unplugged? Well, most laptop batteries can be replaced.

Its typically an easy fix, check YouTube for a video tutorial do a search something like: “Replace [MAKE MODEL] battery”. Also you should look for your computer’s make and model on eBay.

There are some major exceptions to this however: tablets, Chromebooks and other ultra-thin systems, the battery could be fused to the motherboard in these cases.

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What about cosmetic damage?

Scratches and nicks can be easily covered, we recommend using an iBenzer Plastic Hard Case available for just $19. It comes in tons of different colors, make sure to search for your specific make and model on Amazon or Google. If you can’t find a made-to-fit case, you can choose vinyl decal stickers to cover imperfections.

What about scratches?

A headlight repair kit is your best bet. Get a hold of the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit, available for around $8. The product will reduce the appearance of surface screen scratches, and as a bonus, you’ll get a super shiny screen!

Charger cable on its last legs?

The MacBook power cord has little clips that constantly break, other laptop chargers also have small parts that are prone to breaking. It can make wrapping your cord a frustrating endeavor. The Quirky Powercurl Cable Organizer available for $13, is designed to prevent this. It gives extra protection for your cable, protects the weak spots where cable meets power adapter and lets you quick wrap & unravel for less cord hassle. It also has many different colors available.

What upgrade will make the biggest difference to the laptop?

Definitely investing in more RAM or a solid state hard drive will see the biggest improvement to your older laptop.

Check your laptop’s memory capacity by visiting and use the Advisor Tool or System Scanner. The system scanner will check your system’s hardware and suggest compatible upgrades best on your laptop’s capabilities.

RAM allows you to run more applications simultaneously, the more you have the better. An SSD drive allows your system to access data stored on the hard drive faster.

Both will allow programs to load faster, decrease the likelihood of errors and crashes!

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