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Computer Hard Drive Repair Redding

You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer is running slowly and stalls when you try to open files
  • You've opened files only to find them full of garbage text. This is corrupted data
  • Your hard drive is making sounds - beeping, clicking, or grinding
  • Your computers boots up slowly and you want to upgrade to a faster Solid State Drive
  • Your computer runs the checkdisk program when starting up sometimes

Common Terms

Hard Drive Head

The head is a tiny magnet on the end of a mechanical arm. The hard drive uses the head to read and write bits of data stored magnetically on the disk's surface.

Head Crash

A head crash is when the hard drive's head literally crashes into the disk's surface. This physically destroys the data and leaves it unretrievable

Hard Drive Plat­ter

There are actually multiple disks inside a hard drive disk. A platter is a single magnetic disk that can be stacked with others to form a hard drive

The contents of a hard drive are often more valuable than the component itself. For this reason, our Nerds make it a priority that they recover any information that they can from a damaged or broken hard drive. Repairing a hard drive can be a challenge due to the fragile nature of the spinning disk, but our experienced Nerds are up to the task, and can always recommend and install a replacement if the old drive is past the point of repair.

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Questions nerds often hear about Computer Hard Drive Repair Redding

  • How long do hard drives last for?

    80% of hard drives last four years. However, failures start to increase steeply after three. The second most dangerous time for a hard drive is the first year, when manufacturing defects can crop up

  • When should I replace my hard drive?

    You should consider replacing your hard drive as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms. Hard drives often fail with minimal warning. Always keep your data backed up.

  • Can I recover my data from a broken hard drive?

    It depends on why the drive failed. A hard drive that is just old can often have its data recovered. Head crashes are harder to recover from, as the data is physically erased. In cases of damage like fire and electrical surges, the data is often lost forever.