Pretty much everyone in Fresno who reads this has internet access, except for psychics. They can just read pages with their brain. It’s pretty awesome. For those of us who aren’t blessed with super-human abilities, we tend to have to use some sort of computer in order to read web pages. Our computer needs a specialized piece of hardware called a network card in order to do that. Network cards come in a wide variety of types, from wired to wireless to 3G to wireless N, G, and B. Some of them are PCI, some are USB – there’s a lot to keep track of for a simple part like that.

Now obviously you don’t really need a network card right now. You have internet access of some sort, but at some point you will eventually need one. Your son will get an old laptop without one, or you’ll want to replace your wired connection on your desktop with a wireless card. Maybe that’s where you are right now – we don’t know; we’re not actually psychics. Sorry. So wherever you are in your networking journey, we’re here in Fresno for you. If you’re having any connectivity issues or just need your network card looked at, we’d be happy to.

Here at Nerds On Call, we have what you’ll need to get any device you find up and on the internet (except for toasters – we don’t do toasters, well unless it has a USB port). So give us a call or click the chat icon below to start talking to one of our friendly Fresno Nerds!

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