Why would you need tune-up on your Macbook? We know, it seems absurd to have this page here. Well, it seems absurd to exist, but that’s another point entirely. However, the point remains that somewhere, someone wants tune-up on their Macbook. So what’s that all about? Don’t Macs “just work?” Surely Macs are much simpler – just go to your Portland computer store, buy one, and start using it?

Well, it turns out that it’s not quite that simple. While it’s true that Macs don’t come with what is referred to as “Bloatware,” there is still a lot of data on a brand new MacBook that you’ll never need. This is the stuff that should be tune up so that your computer can run faster. So what exactly is all this stuff infesting your brand new computer?

Well, it’s useful to someone – but chances are that, especially if you’re here in Portland, not the Middle East, you won’t need support for Arabic. Apple supporting the Arabs? It’s not as politically charged as you might think. Macs just come with all the features that any of their users could ever take advantage of. That’s one of the reasons why they usually work so well. But unless you speak Arabic or have a printer that you bought fifteen years ago, the files are probably just wasting space.

Nerds On Call in Portland would love to help you tune up that computer and remove everything you won’t need. Just stop by our office, give us a call, or use the live chat below to get started talking with us!


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