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Brow­ser Hel­per Ob­jects

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) are designed to add a feature to your browser, like reading PDFs. Malware uses BHOs to infect your computer.

There are spies in Fresno. No, seriously. They’re not like James Bond or even like Mata Hari or Aldrich Ames, but they are spies. Throw away your image of dapperly-dressed double-agents in double-breasted suits and evening attire. These are more like hackers, malicious programmers sneaking around behind the scenes that create code to steal your credit cards, social security numbers, and personal information. The programs they create are called spyware, and it is one of the biggest threats facing anyone who wants to do any sort of personal business over the internet. The number of people trying to conduct any sort of financial transaction online is growing, and trends indicate that most people with internet access will do this at least once.   Don’t be afraid – millions upon millions of people do this successfully. It’s just a matter of educating yourself and being careful. Spyware can be dangerous, but it can also be avoided. Nerds On Call here in Fresno wants to help you learn what you need to in order to do just that. We have years of experience fighting and removing spyware. Whether you need help removing existing spyware, or just need someone to walk you through the process of immunizing yourself against it, we’re ready to and capable of help. We’re local, right here in Fresno, and we know how to remove spyware. That’s about all there is to it – we will get the job done and ensure you aren’t bothered again.   The best part, estimates are always free – so don’t worry if you’re unsure about how much the service is worth to you.   When you’re ready to get your computer cleaned up and looked after, give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started!

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Questions nerds often hear about Remove Spyware Fresno

  • How do I get spyware?

    Spyware spreads by tricking people into downloading and installing it. It can enter your system via a malicious email or a site that offers that perfect download. Always double-check where you're downloading something from. It could be spyware.

  • If it's so hard to detect, how do I know if I have spyware?

    Spyware tries to stay hidden in the background, but can often cause problems. If your computer is running slowly; your home page, mouse pointer, or search engine changes; or you are redirected to websites you didn't mean to go to, you could have spyware

  • What do they know about me?

    It can often be impossible to tell what information an attacker has gathered via spyware. The only method is to change your passwords and remove the spyware