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Home Networking

A home network gets everything in your house connected and talking! Whether you have an internet-enabled TV or DVD player or multiple computers, a Smartphone, tablet, or more, a well-configured home network keeps your house running smoothly in a digital world! Here in Fresno, we know that efficiency is the key to a modern life. It keeps our busy lives in order and it helps to relax us at the end of a long day, but sometimes all our devices don’t like to talk to each other the way they should. Sometimes we want to transfer all those pictures we took in Fresno, but the home network just isn’t working, or we want to record our favorite shows on the computer, but the TV and the PC just aren’t on speaking terms.   That’s where Nerds On Call comes in. We can help all your devices play nicely with each other the way they should. If you need your networked printer hooked up wirelessly, we can facilitate that or if you want to stream video and audio from your iPad or tablet device to your home theatre system, we can make sure that happens just the way you want it to. A home network is so much more these days than getting a bunch of nerds together for a LAN party – it’s part of a well-integrated digital household.  Nerds will make sure you don’t spend half your time just keeping it running. We can set your network up, troubleshoot an existing one, or attach your printers, scanners, and home theatre to the rest of the house. We also set up networks for all your Apple products – iPads, iMacs, iPhones, Apple TVs, or Macbooks – we can network it all. You have technology. We make it talk. We’re diplomatic like that. So click on the chat icon below or give a call to your friendly nerds right here in Fresno to get your home network set up just the way you want!

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Questions nerds often hear about Home Networking

  • Why is my internet not working?

    There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it's a problem with the modem and it just needs to be reset. Other times your internet service provider might be having technical difficulties.

  • Are the modem and router the same thing?

    The modem is what provides your connection to the internet and the router provides the wifi signal. Sometimes they are combined into a single unit