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Home Network Troubleshooting Fresno

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Fun fact: did you know that in ye olden days of Fresno’s wild west, the term troubleshooting was invented? It meant that if something was causing you trouble, you’d go out and…   Well you’d fix it.   Have you been unsuccessfully trying to troubleshoot your home network recently? It seems like every problem that pops up just disappears as soon as you try and pinpoint it, and then a new problem rears its ugly head. It’s a never-ending network of problems. Network. Get it? Alright, you probably don’t appreciate that humor – you just want it fixed. Well you’re in luck! The Nerds at Nerds On Call know the exact situation you’re in – your desktop won’t connect, but then your laptop stops connecting as soon as the printer starts working – that sort of thing. And it can be a massive pain – one that makes you want to run screaming through Fresno trying to find network repair sometimes. (No one? Just me?) It works enough to survive on, but it’s certainly less convenient than you’d like it to be, and it sucks up a lot of your time. We know your pain.   We want to make your network troubleshooting a lot easier – specifically; we want to make sure that we’re the last ones that ever troubleshoot your network. A properly configured network is one that should last you for a long time. That’s why we first offer free estimates and second, we guarantee our work. That means if we fix the problem, and it pops up right afterward, we won’t charge you for another visit. Makes sense, right?   So if you’re looking to get your network fixed by someone in Fresno who can come and look at it right where you are, give us a call! We’d love to help you out.

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    Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.