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Laptop Hard Drive Repair

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So you’re looking up laptop repair for your hard drive. The short answer is: yes, we can do that! The long answer is a little more complicated and if you’ve got the time, it’s worth a read – it’s not too long anyway. Laptop hard drives are a little more fickle than desktop hard drives. The first reason for this is the drives themselves. They’re smaller, they spin slower, and they have less protection from vibration, which is often what can kill a drive. Add on top of this that they’re put in much more vulnerable situations than desktop hard drives are. They’re taken on bumpy Fresno highways, tossed around in bags, and generally just handled like, well, laptops. And for the most part that’s fine. Your laptop can withstand a certain amount of abuse before it snaps. But over time, all these little bumps and jolts take their toll and before too long, your laptop hard drive needs repair. So what are your options for getting this done in Fresno? Let’s be honest, it’s a pain to send your laptop off somewhere else to get work done. Well, Nerds On Call can do any of these fixes for you! We can transfer data from a failing hard drive and get it swapped out, or we can even install a new type of hard drive, like a Solid State Disk, which doesn’t need to worry about vibrations like typical hard drives. Whatever you need to get done, your Fresno Nerds can do it all! Trust us, you don’t want to procrastinate on this and lose all your data when your hard drive finally fails. So pick up the phone now and get a free estimate from our friendly, courteous, and professional techs!

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