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Free Software Fresno

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Common Terms

Free Software

Free Software is a blanket term referring to any software that is not charged for. However, this can includ malware as well as legitimate downloads

Open Source Software

Open source software is software whose code is publicly available. Anyone with an internet connection can see the code that makes the program run. These programs are still secure, however.


FOSS means Free and Open Source Software. This is software that both costs nothing and that can be publicly contributed to. Common examples include Firefox and Linux, the most popular operating system

Remember when software had to be purchased at the store? You trekked down into Fresno’s stores and scrounged the aisles looking for the particular piece that you needed. Sometimes you found it and other times you just spent money on something that didn’t really help your problem. Now we have the internet – and it really hasn’t gotten any better. And instead of running the risk of losing money, we run the risk of losing our computers. Many “free software” downloads are bundled with viruses that can seriously damage our data.   It sure would help to have someone who knows their way around the internet to show you how to find good solid software online – and more importantly, good free software. Here at Nerds On Call in Fresno, we happen to have quite a few people like that around here.   When we repair your computer, we’ll have to install some of our tools on your computer. If you want, we’ll leave them behind. Wouldn’t that be great if everyone did that? What if when you got your toilet fixed, the plumber left his pipe wrench behind so you could fix any problems that came up? That’s what we like to do. While we’re happy to fix your computer, we also want to make sure that when something eventually goes wrong, you’ll be able to fix it. There will also be a number of preventative tools and utilities that you can use every day that simply make using your computer easier. We want you to be happy using your computer and are ready to give you everything you need to make that possible. So instead of digging through endless aisles looking for software let our friendly Nerds install free software for free!

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Questions nerds often hear about Free Software Fresno

  • Is free software expensive?

    No. It's free.