Our techs in our Fresno office had an interesting surprise the other day. A woman brought her laptop in need of repair. It turned on fine – that wasn’t the problem. However, both her USB ports and her headphone jack were completely useless. We asked her what happened so we’d be able to fix it better.

She told us that she had been at work finishing up some reports. She was listening to music at the time on borrowed speakers plugged into her headphone jack. (remember that part). As she was finishing her reports, she decided that she needed to save them to a flash drive. It was getting late and she probably should have been at home before dark anyway. She didn’t want to be out in Fresno late at night.

Her desk was lit by a single lamp. Under that lamp a fish swam slowly in a shallow bowl. She went to plug the flash drive into the USB port, but as she was doing so, the bulb in her lamp went out. She sighed and left the flash drive half in the port just so she’d know where it was. She stood up and went to turn on the ceiling light. As she returned to her desk and started to unscrew the dead light bulb, her coworker from whom she had borrowed the speakers earlier in the day came in. Her coworker wanted to know if they could have their speakers back as they were taking them home.  She said sure and started to pull the cord out of the headphone jack. As she did so, the light bulb dropped from its socket, already loosened, and splashed into the fishbowl, sending droplets onto the jack as well as the USB Ports. She was startled, but gave the speakers back to her coworker. When she went to plug the flash drive in again, she found that the ports no long worked. The morning afterward, she found that her headphone jack was also broken.

Whatever your story is, we’re sure we’ve heard weirder ones. Here at Nerds On Call in Fresno we’re here to fix your computer no matter the issue! Give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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A USB cable has a Type-A connector on one end and a Type-B connector on the other end. The Type-A connector is typically plugged into a computer or other device.

Sound Card

Sound cards are also used in the context of recording and producing music. They are used to provide inputs to computers for recording and process outputs for playback. They are often used in conjunction with other audio-related hardware such as microphones and audio interfaces.