You might need a nerd if…

  • You’re worried that your wireless network is insecure
  • You need some good advice on how to select an internet service provider
  • Your WiFi network dies out around the edges of your home or property
  • You live in Fresno and need a smart local tech to come to your home or place of business to offer some savvy internet help
  • You’ve tried your own internet troubleshooting, but you just can’t figure out what’s wrong, let alone how to fix it

Looking for real internet help? Nerds on Call are the internet troubleshooting experts

A major pain point of internet troubleshooting is that the underlying problem is usually in stealth mode — equal parts invisible and silent. The problem tech isn’t going to beep ominously when something is wrong. It won’t emit sulfurous smoke. Your modem and router may even cheerfully blink their little green happy lights at you even though you know full well that something in your internet configuration is just horribly wrong. It. Is. Frustrating.

So what does tell you that our internet troubleshooting service can help:

  • You’ll want to consider getting a nerd’s internet help if your WiFi disappears in rooms furthest from your router. 
  • An internet troubleshooting nerd may be your knight in shining armor if your printers, TVs, smart speakers, and security devices repeatedly fall off your WiFi network. 
  • Seek internet help if your connection speed is slowing down. 
  • Definitely look into some expert internet troubleshooting when your Internet dies, your provider says nothing is wrong, and there’s nothing you can do to get it back online.

You get the idea. When something is frustrating you, and you can’t figure out the source of the problem, holler for a nerd. You pay good money for your Internet! Our goal is to make sure you get equally good bang for your buck. 

Talk to Fresno Nerds on Call on 1-800-919-6373 about our internet help service. We’ll come to you wherever you are to provide a quick, professional and easy internet troubleshooting service.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the big internet troubleshooting challenges we can deal with for you:

Selecting the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for you

Fresno is a great city for quality internet. We’re spoiled for choice! The challenge is choosing a connection that suits both your needs and your budget. 

If you’re not sure what product is right for you, we can offer an internet help service geared toward smart product selection. We’ll talk to you about what you’ll be doing online and give you a solid breakdown of what each plan actually means. We’ll even give you a 101 overview of how to do your own internet troubleshooting and maintenance. If you want good value for money from your internet connection as well as peace of mind, our internet help service is a great place to start.  

Getting your privacy and security settings sorted

Cybercriminal activity, we hate to tell you, is everywhere — Fresno well and truly included. Malware protection software is important, but it isn’t enough these days.

The best internet troubleshooting detects a problem before it becomes a bigger problem! This is especially true when it comes to your online security. Our internet help package includes a complete security overhaul of your whole network, including your computers and portable devices. We’ll equip your computers with the latest malware software and give you practical tips on how to keep your data, connection, and equipment safe. 

Remember, if you see any kind of suspicious activity on your computer and don’t know what to do about it, contact a nerd on 1-800-919-6373 for internet help. One of our Fresno techs will be delighted to help keep you and your family safe. 

Internet troubleshooting of your WiFi network and equipment

When something goes wrong with your WiFi, finding a fix can be laborious. It could be something to do with your internet provider. There again, something basic could be going wrong with your modem or router. Or — perhaps most infuriating of all — your WiFi connection may be receiving interference from a nearby network. 

Compounding that complexity, most WiFi problems are intermittent. One moment everything will be functioning perfectly. The next, your WiFi slows to a crawl or disappears entirely. 

Professional internet help makes a huge difference. Having served this community for over a decade, Nerds On Call has dealt with more internet troubleshooting issues than we can count. We have the equipment and the know-how to identify the problem you’re dealing with. Believe us when we say we can save you hours of internet troubleshooting headaches and frustration! 

Best yet, we offer a flat service fee, provide free quotes and come to you to deliver professional internet help wherever you’re based in Fresno.

Need fast, capable internet help? Give us a call

Our goal is to set you up with a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection. If your internet connection is frustrating you, call Nerds on Call on 1-800-919-6373. Or drop us a line via our contact form.

We won’t let you down. 

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Questions nerds often hear about Internet Help

How do I know which internet plan is best for me?

There’s no single right plan! The right choice will boil down to your location, what you plan to do on your home network, and of course, your budget. Part of our internet troubleshooting service is to help you choose the best Fresno internet plan for your needs. We can also give you a free estimate if you’d like Nerds On Call to set up your internet connection for you.

Do you provide internet help for businesses?

We’ve offered internet help to many Fresno businesses! If you’re a business looking for computing advice, talk to Nerds On Call about our business internet troubleshooting service. We offer a wide range of services and solutions.

Can you provide internet troubleshooting remotely?

We can! Check out our internet help service to learn more about how Nerds On Call can help from afar.

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Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable can be used to create a wired local area network (LAN) or to connect a device to the internet via a router.


A router can also include wireless capabilities, acting as a wireless access point (WAP) and allowing devices to connect to the network wirelessly.


A modem can also be classified into different types such as DSL, cable, and satellite modems.