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Want to have a movie night but don’t really feel like getting dressed and dragging yourself out into the busy Fresno evening? We all have those days. The perfect solution is to create your own theater right at home! With today’s technology, this isn’t hard at all to do. The components to create a functioning and impressive home theater system are right at your fingertips. You can connect your computer to your TV and Blu-ray player, or stream internet radio from your iPad, smartphone, or other device. The possibilities are almost literally infinite. What about when it comes time to set this all up? There’s a lot of effort involved in setting up a home theater, even though it runs smoothly and easily once that’s done. That’s where your local friendly Nerds come in.

We can set everything up for you! We can even help you pick out the right equipment. We’ll go with you to the electronics store here in Fresno, not some online retailer where you can’t be sure of what you’re getting. We profit nothing by recommending more expensive equipment to you, you can be sure that we’re more interested in you getting what you need than anything else, not commission. We think that a home entertainment system should be just that – relaxing and entertaining, not a constant thorn in your side. So we want to make it as smooth as possible for you to transition into a home theater.

All of us here at the Fresno Nerds On Call live right here and know the city – so we know where you can get the best deals. After all, we Nerds love our home theaters. So click that chat icon a click or give us a call to get started!

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Home Theater

Is Home Theater expensive?

Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.

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Common Terms


A High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is the modern standard for transmitting high-definition digital video and audio. HDMI cables can carry both standard and 3D video as well as surround sound audio and internet. For this reason, most modern game consoles and televisions use HDMI to interface with computers or set-top boxes.


RCA connectors, also called phono connectors, are analog cables and have been used for years to transmit standard definition video and audio. RCA cables for home theater are usually seen in triples: a yellow video jack, and the red and white stereo audio cables.


The Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format is used for transmitting digital audio. It can carry multiple channels and is often used in home theater systems where HDMI does not carry audio


NTSC and PAL are two types of encoding video signals: NTSC is used in the Americas, while PAL is widely used in the rest of the world. Devices designed to play NTSC content cannot play PAL content, and vice versa.

Sur­round Speak­ers

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