You might need a nerd if…

  • You’re looking for a local computer technician in Fresno who can help you with home network setup.
  • You have a smart TV, but it’s displaying no evidence of intelligence whatsoever
  • Your coffee table is filled with remote-control devices (you definitely need a nerd if you don’t know what half those remotes do)
  • You’ve tried your own home network setup and didn’t get the results you were hoping for
  • Your wireless (WiFi) network doesn’t extend throughout your home, or it just keeps cutting out for no apparent reason
  • You’re based in Fresno, and you’re looking for someone local who can come to your home and perform a full home network setup

Need a home network setup? Let’s talk!

Sometimes chaos is fun. Ever seen 11 Labrador puppies eating breakfast together? It’s straight up adorable. But when it comes to your home network setup, chaos is not fun. In fact, an uncooperative home network can be downright frustrating. 

What does a badly configured home network setup look like? 

It could be any number of things. Perhaps your WiFi network vanishes inexplicably. Or it could be that your smart TV adamantly refuses to acknowledge the existence of your sound bar. Or perhaps your printer is locked in a bitter feud with your flatbed scanner. Maybe your video doorbell won’t record … or, for that matter, ring. 

All of these all-too-common home network setup problems are the mathematical opposite of 11 baby Labradors chowing down on their puppy nom noms. And you don’t need to put up with it!

Wherever you are in Fresno, if you have problems with your internet connectivity at home or work, just call us at 1-800-919-6373. One of our techs is ready and waiting to provide a full home network setup on-site. 

Why are home networks so cool?

This is a fair and adroit question. Before we dig into how Nerds On Call can revolutionize your home life with a top-notch home network setup service, let’s spend a few paragraphs talking about what you can actually do with a smoothly functioning home network. 

First, let’s talk about your smart TV

Does your smart TV pretend to be dumb? Does it act like all it can do is make those channel thingies change or make the loudness go up or down if you ask it nicely? Your TV is just being lazy! Any television made in the last decade or so will have some level of Internet connectivity built into the thing. 

We can unlock that for you. 

Let’s say you discover a life-changing YouTube vid about a surfing chicken named Mrs. Chook. Now obviously, because you are a rational and caring person, the first thing you will want to do is share this video with your near and dear ones. You could just bring the clip up on your smartphone and have your family gather around like frostbitten Arctic explorers huddled around the dying embers of a campfire. Or you could beam the vid across to your smart TV so you can visually feast on Mrs. Chook’s aquatic antics like the true media-savvy kings and queens you were always destined to be. 

The secret ingredient of making that happen? You guessed it: our home network service.

Now let’s take a closer look at your gaming console and music player

Videos about surfing chickens are the tip of the iceberg. Most folks these days own a wide assortment of internet-connected devices. Of course, there are gaming devices and smart speakers aplenty. But you may also own peripheral home technologies like smart lighting and climate control. 

As part of our home network service, we’ll ensure these devices communicate, cooperate, and share data effectively. Imagine being able to flick from watching your TV to playing a game or listening to music with just the press of a remote control button? We can even integrate lighting control options!

Or the home network service holy grail: a networked drive

We’ve found most Fresno homes have more than one computer these days. And while multiple computers are all kinds of convenient, one persistent frustration multiple-computer homes face is the lack of a shared network drive. Our home network service can include setting up a shared network drive so that all your music, video, photographs, and files can be stored in one easily accessible location. 

What does our home network service include?

Before getting into specifics, remember that Nerds On Call is a Fresno based company, and we do house calls! This local touch means we can offer deeper troubleshooting than a purely remote service, and our home network service can include physical upgrades to your equipment and home. 

What does that look like?

  • Ethernet cable runs: If your home network service needs to encompass a large physical area, we can install additional ethernet cable runs to every corner of your home.  
  • Improved WiFi performance: We can configure your modem and router to deliver better WiFi performance! We can also install a mesh network for you, which can greatly improve WiFi coverage across your home.
  • Networked devices: Picture printing from anywhere in your home or controlling more devices with fewer remote controls. One of our Fresno nerds can make that happen for you. 

Talk to Nerds On Call about hour home network service if you’re looking for less frustration and more surfing chickens in your computing life. We offer a flat rate and can come right to your front door. Call us on 1-800-919-6373 or head on over to our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Home Network Setup

What is a home network really?

Think of it as the way your devices talk to one another. The more efficient your network the easier that communication becomes.

Will I need extra equipment?

All you need is a modem and a router. Different equipment can improve your home network setup, but none are required. 

My WiFi is bad. Can you help!

We’re WiFi troubleshooting experts! We can improve your signal strength or even install ethernet through your house.

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