Everybody loves free stuff. Most of the time, stuff that is given out for free really is not worth much, but there are a few free thing that might do you some serious good. There are a few free programs available for download that can help you optimize the way you use your computer. Not all free software should be trusted, but the Nerds on Call have put together a list of a few of their favorite free programs available for download. These programs will not give you a virus, and do exactly what they claim to do. Do not fall victim to free downloads from trusted sources, and always look fro reviews before downloading a free software to make sure you are not clicking right into a trap./

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Questions nerds often hear about Free Software Eugene

Is free software expensive?

No. It’s free.

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Common Terms

Free Software

Free Software is a blanket term referring to any software that is not charged for. However, this can includ malware as well as legitimate downloads

Open Source Software

Open source software is software whose code is publicly available. Anyone with an internet connection can see the code that makes the program run. These programs are still secure, however.


FOSS means Free and Open Source Software. This is software that both costs nothing and that can be publicly contributed to. Common examples include Firefox and Linux, the most popular operating system