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We don’t want to set the city on fire – we just want to start a flame in your hearts

Quick history lesson (we Nerds always like to teach people new things): in 1889, there was a large fire in Bakersfield. It was called, in the most inventive fashion, the “Great Bakersfield Fire of 1889.” This conflagration consumed almost the entire city, burning it to the ground and making thousands homeless. But this tragedy had its upside. Because the old wooden infrastructure was destroyed, the town was completely rebuilt with modern (at the time) amenities. From this point on, Bakersfield was no longer a frontier town, but grew into what is now the 73rd largest municipality in the US, as well as the most productive oil-producing county. Oil was discovered ten years after the fire, and makes up a huge portion of the city’s economy.

Now fast-forward by over a hundred years. Bakersfield has stayed a thriving, modern community. In fact, it’s very modern. There are quite a few computers here – here at Nerds On Call Computer Repair Bakersfield, we’d know.

The year 2007 was a big year for Nerds On Call. In the beginning of the year, we had founded stores in Vacaville, Stockton, and Fresno. We were on a roll! But three stores just weren’t good enough for us yet. We decided we wanted to go for fourth. We decided Bakersfield was the place to go. It’s a bustling metropolitan area with plenty of technology that needs fixing.

One of our head Nerds, Merl Valles, moved here to found Nerds On Call Computer Repair Bakersfield, which was run out of a hotel until we picked up enough steam to get our own office. It was to keep costs down, but very soon the town had grown accustomed to us and we could upgrade quickly.

Ever since then, we’ve just grown and grown! And we’ve grown to know a lot of you as well. Many of our customers are our friends, and we see them regularly. Merl has moved elsewhere, but when he comes back, he always like to visit some of the local wineries and take in the gorgeous country – flowers in the spring and the Sequoia National Forest all year around.

For now, Nerds On Call Computer Repair Bakersfield is located at 2104 24th St Ste 3. Give us a call at 2104 24th St Ste 3 to book an appointment either there or at your house. We’ll do either! We hope to be in Bakersfield for a long time to come, and we look forward to getting to know anyone we haven’t yet. Give your Bakersfield Nerds a call any time you need help!