You might need a nerd if…

a:5:{s:13:”slow-computer”;s:69:”Your computer is running slowly and stalls when you try to open files”;s:12:”corrupt-data”;s:86:”You’ve opened files only to find them full of garbage text. This is corrupted data”;s:17:”hard-drive-noises”;s:65:”Your hard drive is making sounds – beeping, clicking, or grinding”;s:3:”ssd”;s:84:”Your computers boots up slowly and you want to upgrade to a faster Solid State Drive”;s:6:”chkdsk”;s:67:”Your computer runs the checkdisk program when starting up sometimes”;}

The contents of a hard drive are often more valuable than the component itself. For this reason, our Nerds make it a priority that they recover any information that they can from a damaged or broken hard drive. Repairing a hard drive can be a challenge due to the fragile nature of the spinning disk, but our experienced Nerds are up to the task, and can always recommend and install a replacement if the old drive is past the point of repair.

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