• How Online Venting Can Cost You
    How Online Venting Can Cost You
    Whether it involves a terrible day at work, an argument with a spouse, or just a day when everything rubs you the wrong way, sending off angry texts, emails, or social media posts is never the way to handle it. Even those posts that feel so therapeutic to finally get off of your chest should be steered clear of. Online venting usually does not work out in favor of the content's original creator. Everybody needs to vent sometimes, which is why having a pet is always great; something to listen to you that will not judge you no matter how odd your problems are. Unfortunately, accessing your social media profiles and firing off a few disgruntled Tweets is much too easy in today's world. Although the temporary adrenaline rush may feel soothing for a short time, chances are people will take the message the wrong way, or those not-so-close Facebook friends will share your post with their unknown friends. Before you know it, a post that was just meant to blow off some steam has gone viral, and people are calling you crazy. Online venting feels safer and more soothing than confronting people face to face, but this sense of anonymity often leads to rude or inflammatory responses that you would not say in person. Since online venting can happen so quickly, many posts are not well thought out and can be dangerous to relationships with those who feel targeted by your comments. According to research, venting does not actually make you feel better at all. In fact, venting is likel... Read More
  • How To Give Back Online
    How To Give Back Online

    With the holidays fast approaching, it is indeed the season for giving. The fact that there are so many charities and worthy causes in need of support makes weeding out those fake charities even tougher than it was before. Luckily, the Nerds have put together a few online resources to make sure that your donation or time is going to a charity that will use your donation to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. This is our guide on how to give back online. If you are on the fence about making a donation […]

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  • Laptop Vs Desktop: Maintenance and Upgrades

    When it comes to computers, everything is becoming smaller and lighter in order to increase portability.  The downsizing of computers continues to spark the laptop vs. desktop debate.  Before you decide to get rid of your old desktop altogether in favor of a tablet or laptop, consider some of the advantages of using a desktop, many of which are overlooked during the laptop vs. desktop feud. One advantage of owning a desktop is that the space offered by the tower allows for easier hardware exchanges.  In the laptop vs. desktop arguments, many leave out that changing out parts in a […]

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  • Online Streaming: Get Started Today!

    With thousands of TV shows and movies available for online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon just to name a few, it is a wonder that any of us ever leave the house.  Today, our Nerds are here to help you decide what online streaming service is right for you, and help you get those online shows and movies onto your living room television.  Before signing up for an online streaming service, be sure you know what you want to watch, and which service will give you the most options that you may enjoy. Netflix has the largest […]

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  • How To Shop Cyber Monday Like A Nerd
    How To Shop Cyber Monday Like A Nerd

    With Black Friday quickly approaching some people have already mapped out their shopping battle plan, and packed their tents to camp out in front of stores days in advanced. For those of us who still enjoy a nice Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family, waiting for days on end just to save a couple hundred dollars is not exactly ideal. The best way to find great holiday deals while still being able to enjoy the actual holiday is to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals. In recent years, Cyber Monday has become the largest online shopping day in America. So, […]

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  • Road Trip Gadgets

    Everybody loves a good road trip.  The worst part about a road trip is the hours of sitting idly in the car with nothing more to look at than the desert passing by on the other side of the window.  Gone are the days of portable DVD players, now it is tablets and audio books that dominate road trip media.  Tablets are great, but without a large amount of storage capacity and a stable internet connection, watching movies or TV shows can be difficult.  In a moving car, getting a stable internet connection is nearly impossible, especially when driving in […]

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  • Organize Your Holiday Gift Giving
    Organize Your Holiday Gift Giving

    No matter what type of shopper you are – the early bird who has everything wrapped up before Thanksgiving, or the mad-dasher that goes to grab everything the night before, it is easy to lose track of everybody on your gift list. There is the challenge of making sure that nobody gets the same present twice, especially if the same lists are circulated throughout your family. Nerds on Call would like to share a few tech tools that you can use to organize your holiday gift giving. Keeping track of what you want to get for somebody, or what you […]

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  • Music Streaming: Which Service Is Right For You?

    Apple released its own music streaming service in mid-summer of 2015.  Apple Music joined the ranks of entrenched competitors such as Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music.  All of these services offer similar features, so how can you decide which music streaming service is right for you?  The Nerds at Nerds on Call have put together a bit of a comparison to help clear the air when it comes to picking a streaming service. Music streaming services such as Pandora and Rhapsody play songs like a radio station, building a selection of tracks similar to a genre, artist, or specific […]

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  • Which Drinking App is Right For You?
    Which Drinking App is Right For You?

    Have you ever been overwhelmed by an extensive wine list at a restaurant, or wished you could serve your guests a more creative cocktail? Luckily, there are now apps that can not only help you make the right wine pairing decision when you are out on the town, but also those that can offer creative twists on cocktails for which you may already have the ingredients lying around the pantry. The following drinking apps are designed to help make you drink like a grown up, and not just opt for the cheapest booze on the menu like back in your […]

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  • Digital Gift Guide
    Digital Gift Guide

    The digital age favors the last-minute holiday shopper. Be it getting Mom and Dad that new movie streaming account or setting up your children with the latest iPhone app they have been coveting, great gifts can be sent without leaving your house or making recipients wait for delivery. Nerds on Call has put together a digital gift guide for all of those last minute shoppers that need to give a great gift. With so many cheap and quick gift options available online today, how can you be sure you are getting your loved ones something that they will really use […]

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