• Easy Photo Edits
    Digital photography has given us the ability to take a lot of photos. Sometimes we post shots that look like they came direct from a pro, other times...not so much. Sometimes their too dark, a little out of focus, or have too much of the background in them. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make great shots you capture with your phone or point-and-shoot even better. Armed with some free photo editing software, here are some quick and easy photo edits that can take your photos from good to great.
    1. Cropping
    When it comes to on-the-fly photo editing, little changes can make a huge difference. A well-executed photo crop can make your subject come alive, and change the story that your image tells. Cropping isn’t necessarily about cutting off the edges, though that can be part of it. If the subject of your photo – say a person, pet or building – is just a small part of a photo with a lot of extraneous surrounding space, cropping out the irrelevant portions to make the subject stand out makes a lot of sense. In many cases, cropping can help you tell the “story” of your image. Create a focal point and a visual momentum by including the most pertinent pieces of the action. When it comes to framing a traditional headshot, it’s best to include at least a few inches of... Read More
  • Social Media Backlash and Vigilantism

    The internet outcry against Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer after his involvement in the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe was fast and furious. As the story trended on social media, it was swiftly picked up by celebrities who pushed it on to spawn legislation to limit International big game hunting.  Quickly, Dr. Palmer’s life was unraveled. Whether or not you agree with the anger directed at this man, one should explore the consequences that can result from an online story going “viral” – true or otherwise… Right now a lot of Americans say that Dr. Palmer is getting what […]

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  • Are Chromebooks Good For School?

    When it comes time to find a new computer for Back-to-School, the super low price point (under $300) of a Chromebook makes these tiny laptops tempting for budget-conscious families. The average laptop can easily set you back $700 to $1000. But one has to ask, can a $250 Chromebook compare? Are they a viable option for students?     With any laptop out there, differences create pros and cons so let’s find out if a Chromebook might fit the bill for your Back-to-School computing needs – Different Operating System:  The biggest difference you will notice is Google’s Chrome operating system or […]

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  • How to Sell Your Stuff Online

    For many of us purging the house of old, no longer useful gear and gadgets, the next challenge involves figuring out what to do with them. Online peer-to-peer sales sites like EBay and Craigslist can offer a unique opportunity to earn some cash while making your trash someone else’s treasure, but they can be daunting for the newbie. Let’s compare all the options to see which would be a better fit for ease of transaction versus highest value for your sale. Gazelle ( Gazelle offers an easy trade-in for cash for most previous-generation electronics. Simply enter the information about your […]

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  • Save on Stuff You’re Already Buying

    Everyone loves to save money, but sorting through a mountain of coupons to save a couple bucks, or buying a truckload of something you don’t really need is a drag. Our resident Nerd Ryan Eldridge, Co-Founder of Nerds on Call says there’s a better way. He’s here with some websites and apps that can help you save money on the stuff you’re already buying.     No-Clip Coupons: RetailMeNot ( My wife uses this all the time at Kohls, Old Navy and Carters Thousands of stores – coupons or discount codes Online coupons ALWAYS check RetailMeNot before you check-out/pay Coupon […]

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  • Must Have Back to School Gadgets

    For today’s college go-ers, technology is all about mobility. Whether you’ve outfitted your co-ed with a laptop, smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or all of the above, here are some essential accessories for mobile college computing. Hand held devices such as tablets and smartphones are great for taking notes, capturing photos and compiling research from the net, but what do you do when you want to get data off a mobile gadget and into the hands of your teacher, or onto your PC? Traditional USB flash drives offer additional storage in an uber-portable device, but they aren’t particularly useful for getting […]

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  • Windows 10: Should You Take Advantage of the Free Upgrade?

    Windows 10, Microsoft’s highly anticipated operating system update, is finally set to roll out to the public on July 29th, and for most people currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can get it for free. Here’s how to confirm that you’re eligible for a free upgrade and, if so, decide if you should get in line to get Windows 10. If you’re like many users who’ve been using Microsoft products for years, the idea of getting Windows 10 for free probably leaves you wondering, “What’s the catch?” Some people have viewed the appearance of the “Get Windows 10” […]

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  • Organize Your Digital Photo Collection in a Weekend

    Organize Your Digital Photo Collection in a Weekend The problem: You have about a gazillion digital photos, and they’re everywhere. How do you find the ONE shot you’re looking for? Is it on your: Phone…  Computer… Your camera’s memory card… that old back up hard drive… your old computer? There is a better way to get all your photos compiled, organized and condensed. With today’s powerful tools you really can get your digital photos organized in a weekend. Problem #1: Too many photos. The advent of digital cameras has created a tendency to go picture crazy. After all, why take […]

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  • Nerd Chick Adventures: Workout Apps to Get You in Summer Shape
    Nerd Chick Adventures: Workout Apps to Get You in Summer Shape

    As temperatures rise, it gets harder to head outdoors to exercise. Running, hiking, and biking are no fun when you’re baking in the sun, and spending hours on the treadmill gets tedious. Just in time for summer, here are some of our favorite workout apps and websites that offer variety and on-the-go portability so you can get – or stay – in top form this summer. All of the apps and programs I tested offer a free trial or free “basic version,” which I’d recommend you start with. Get a feel for the interface, how well you sync with the […]

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  • Digitize Your Wedding, for Free

    Weddings should be a joyous experience, filled with family, friends and love. But the planning process can be a real headache. Coordinating the details – from flowers, to cake, to honeymoon, guest accommodations and the surrounding parties can make you seriously consider eloping. Whether you are just starting on the path of planning your big day, or if you’ll be getting hitched in the next few weeks, there are some great free apps and tools that allow you to “digitize your nuptials” and make sure everything runs smoothly. Don’t just post your party details on Facebook and hope your guest […]

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