Just about everywhere in Portland is covered in wireless internet these days. In the middle of the city it’s all coffee shops and businesses, and in the suburbs it’s mile after mile of security-enabled wireless networks with names like “Smith-internet.”

Wireless internet was first defined as a standard in 1997, and since then it has grown to be used absolutely everywhere people can access the internet. However, even in a big city like Portland, the technology has its fair share of problems. Sometimes you’ll get a router that’s cheap, because it does the job, but then you get to using the internet more and grow tired of its limitations. So you want to upgrade to a better router – but you don’t know which one will do the job you need. Or you just have a router that needs troubleshooting. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone in Portland who could help you out with this? Even if you’re the type that likes to do things on your own, it would be nice to have an expert opinion at times.

Here at Nerds On Call we specialize in computer repair, especially troubleshooting, and wireless internet definitely falls into that category. Whether you just need an opinion or advice on something, or if you are looking to get work done for you, we can help with that. Nerds On Call is qualified to do any of that. Plus, we’ll diagnose your problem for free and always give you an estimate without charge. Sound good to you? Well if you’re having problems with your wireless internet and it needs troubleshooting, give Nerds a call!


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