Our Portland techs have heard a lot of stores, but the other day they came across one that surprised even then. A woman came in with her laptop. Both the USB ports and the headphone jack were completely blown out and needed repair, but the rest of the computer worked just fine. They asked her what happened.

She said that she had been at home the day before. She was relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea, while browsing reddit on her laptop. Her daughter was out of the house, off in Portland somewhere, doubtless gallivanting or gadding about the city. She was prone to fits of whimsy. She’d never do anything too foolish, but would always make some questionable decisions. Her mother would usually end up repairing them.

She plugged her headphones into the jack and put a flash drive in her USB port. She had some work to do on a few files that she had brought from work, and wanted to listen to some 31Knots – a friend had told her about the local band. She put the tea on a coaster on the arm of her chair. At that moment her daughter opened the door. She took her headphones off and looked up at her. In her arms the girl held a very fuzzy and narrow animal. Her mother sighed and asked her what it was. Her daughter said that it was a ferret. The ferret jumped out of her hands and onto the ground. The mother closed her laptop and said that she was going to go to her room and that the animal better stay out. She started to pull her devices out of the headphone jack and the USB Ports. At that moment, the ferret ran over and started to sniff the tea. She picked it up to keep it from dirtying it. The ferret ran across her lap and dragged its fuzz along the half-unplugged headphones and flash drive. There was a sizzle of electrical discharge and, startled, the woman spilled her tea on the exposed electronics, worsening the condition and causing the jacks to overload.

o matter what the story, we’re sure we’ve heard weirder ones. Take your broken electronics into your Portland Nerds On Call to get anything you need fixed!

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