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USB / Headphone Jack Repair Sacramento

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At our Sacramento store, we had a man come in the other day with a laptop. Both the USB and headphone jacks were shot. Not literally. Just broken. They were blown out and a little scarred from electrical damage. We asked him what happened. He said that he had been that he had been at home. He was sitting outside with his laptop listening to music on headphones. He had a flash drive plugged in the USB port. He had decided that he didn’t want to drive all the way into Sacramento to go to work that day, as he wasn’t feeling particularly well – and he could get his work that day done from home – he probably would need to repair someone else’s mistake. As he was working, his son ran over from playing in the kiddie pool. His son asked him something and so he took the headphones out of his ears, holding them in his hand. His son wanted to eat something. So he went to close his laptop, pull the flash drive out, and stand up, but as he was in the middle of this, the family dog had come over from the kiddie pool. It was a golden retriever with long silky, (at the moment very wet as well) hair. The dog shook which startled him and caused him to drop his laptop as he was pulling the flash drive out; it yanked the headphones out as well. The water shorted out the USB ports and the headphone jack at the same time. He shooed the dog away and his son stood there unaware of what to say. He picked up his laptop and took it inside. He dried it off. Fortunately, after he had finished drying it, it still turned on. However, both the USB ports and the headphone jack were toast. Here at the Sacramento Nerds On Call, we understand that a lot of accidents happen. We want to help you repair them so that you can get back to using your laptop!

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